Contemplating a new Chanel bag

  1. Hi Everyone,

    I'm trying to decide if I should buy a new bag or not. I'm debating between these two:

    1) the Reissue either a grey or black (something with silver chain)
    2) Black Caviar Medium Classic Flap 2.55 with Silver chain

    See... The thing is, I already have a Black Lambskin Medium Classic Flap 2.55 with Gold Chain and although I love it, it fine its way too delicate and not practical (way too dressy). And because the Lambskin is prone to scratches, I cant stand taking it out of its dustbag. I've heard the Caviar leather is much more tougher and more scratch resisitant than the lambskin.

    Which one should I get??? I love the Reissue but isn't that bag made out of lambskin too??? Is the Reissue just as delicate as the Lambskin 2.55 that I already have cuz if it is, then I wouldn't want it. Also, do you think the Caviar 2.55 with silver chain be too similar to the bag I already have?

    Also, what color is the chain for the grey reissue and the black reissue? Does anyone know the price of the Reissue and the Caviar 2.55?
  2. grey reissue.jpg black reissue.jpg black caviar.jpg
  3. I'm having the same trouble deciding between grey and black with silver hardware.
    Almost decided on the black.
    I am going to the trouble of ordering from OS and having it shipped here to get the black. Although I love the grey, I think the black is more versitile.
    Hope that helps!
  4. I agree. I already have the jumbo black caviar classic flap. It holds up very well, but the chain squeaks....very noisy as I walk. I was actually considering getting the black reissue. I was wondering also if it is going to get scratched easily. It is gorgeous!!! You really cannot go wrong with any of them.
  5. Thanks for all everyone's comments so far.

    Does any have a Reissue already that can tell me how delicate the leather is? TIA
  6. i have a reissue and i love it. bc of the distressed vintage look of the leather, i find it hides scratches better than the regular lambskin.

    if you are talking about the reissues from 2005, the grey has a silver/pewter chain and the black has a burnished/tarnished gold chain.
    from 2006 onwards, i believe all reissues have the silver chain.
  7. I was thinking about the 2006 line. I wanted something with a silver chain.

    *jennifer*: Would you say it's (the Reissue) still quite a delicate material? TIA
  8. What does everyone else think??? Which one do you like? Which one is your personal favorite?

    1) Reissue in Grey with Silver Chain OR
    2) Reissue in Black with Silver Chain OR
    3) Caviar Classic Flap with Silver Chain.

    TIA. All votes and comments are welcomed. :yes: :flowers:
  9. Just an FYI, the Reissue in Gray with silver chain is from FW 05. The reissue in black with silver chain is from SS 06. I think that you can still find the 2005 gray, but keep in mind that it's from an earlier season.

    The colors released for SS 06 (all have a silver chain) are: black, bronze, and burgundy.

    My vote is between 1 and 2 - you can always get 3.
  10. Between the 3 choices given, I would choose the grey reissue for a different color & hardware. Second choice would be black caviar with silver hw. I have the black 2005 ann. ed. reissue (gold hw) and the burgundy 2006 reissue and I do have to baby both as they also will easily scratch (yet not show them as badly as regular lambskin). However, I went through a similar issue because already having the Black Reissue, I wanted another 'black' classic and asked my SA (who is always very helpful) what she thought. She suggested two things of which I ended up with both (couldn't decide because I loved them both) >> (1) Navy jumbo caviar classic (alternative to black) with silver hw & (2) Black caviar Kelly bag. Please let us know what you decide! :smile:
  11. I vote for one of the reissues. Although Caviar leather is very durable, it's always available and I just LOVE the reissues! The leather on the reissues (I have black) is quite a bit more durable than the regular lambskin - I've noticed no flaws in the 6 months I've owned the bag and I keep my other lambskin tucked away for the same reson you do.

    As for color, if your wardrobe supports it - I'd go for grey...if not, then black will always do!

    Good luck making your decision! :flowers: