contemplating a MAGENTA MADELINE!

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  1. I have some questions first, girls!

    1. How versatile do you believe magenta to be? An all-year color (paired with the right clothes of course)? Able to be worn with just about anything?

    My wardrobe is mainly jeans, tees, not much red (red & magenta, ewww), mostly navy, green, some shades of pink, a few shades of blue, brown, some gray. Could it be an everyday bag?

    2. Madeline owners: is the bow removable? Even able to be snipped off somehow? I would probably leave it on/have it on most of the time, but I fear that it would get dirty after awhile.

    3. Has anyone purchases the magenta Madeline yet? Pictures?
  2. this bag looks soo pretty online! and i think its pretty versatile. you can keep the bow on for a more fun casual look and take it off for a more professional look. i think it'll match your wardrobe too. the magenta madeline w/a navy, green, brown, gray, or a different shade of pink top would look great together. and i think its pretty much an all-year color because its not too bright but its also not really dark.
  3. I have seen the Magenta Madeline in person and it is GORGEOUS! I love the color! I would have trouble matching it to my wardrobe, and I don't think that I would wear it in the dead of winter. But, it sounds like it will match your wardrobe pretty well - so - go for it!
  4. I know I'm in the minority, but for some reason I'm just not a fan of the Madeline in Magenta. It seems like more of a spring/summer color and it's not something I'd carry into Fall/Winter.

    I've never tried taking off the scarf, but I'm sure it can be snipped off with scissors if you absolutely didn't like it anymore.
  5. I think the magenta Madeline is beautiful! The only color I would think it would not match would be blue and maybe certain shades of green.
  6. I saw the magenta madeline this saturday and I just love it...actually I am crazy about it. I think I am getting one, but not sure if it will match with everything. i mostly wear,blue,brown,black or green.. I don't know magenta will go very well with those color
  7. I love the magenta madeline and I think that it would look absolutely wonderful with your wardrobe! Get it!!
  8. You and me both. Im really glad you started this thread. Im sooooo close to nabbing a magenta madeline myself. Im sort of on the fence too:girlsigh:
  9. I've thought about this bag too...I totally think the magenta could be worn year round. What's better in the dead of winter than pink???:yes:
  10. I was on the fence about it also......I was afraid it couldn't be used in the fall/winter months as well, and for the price, I would like to get as much use out of it as I can, plus if I love a bag, I don't want to put it away! But it is a darker might brighten a dreary winter day for you. I say get what you love and wear it w/ pride! I may still go for it....if it's still around when my "ban" is lifted. I was bad this week, and I was put on a more strict