Contemplating a bob haircut!

  1. Hello! :smile: Soooooooo, just hoping to get people's thoughts on bob haircuts. :flowers:

    I've had long hair my whole life (except for a few ventures into short territory 3-4 times, including 1 buzz cut) and am considering getting a bob a la Jessica Simpson. I'm Asian with very slight natural waves and my hair is currently about 3 inches past my shoulders. It's nice and all but since it's fine and not that thick, it's weighed down and limp-looking. With 2 small kids I have no time to style it in the morning. Which leads me to think that a bob like Jessica's would be a nice change AND let my hair look a little fuller.

    1) Should I cut it so it's slightly shorter in the back?
    2) Since bobs are such a conservative look, should I get very subtle highlights, like dark caramel, to add some interest?
    3) Will a bob make me look old and frumpy and conservative? I dress casually and not very remarkably, so i worry that a bob will make me look very mom-like and unsexy!

    Thanks for your thoughts!
  2. I have had a bob for the past 5 years and it is anything but frumpy! I'm half Asian with stick straight hair. The stylist who cuts your hair will make all the difference in the world! After years of just "settling" with one stylist, I finally found someone who is fantastic.

    I would definitely suggest going with an angled bob. It will give the cut a little edge. If your hair is "weighty" then some invisible layering will help. My hair is basically dark brown/black with violet highlights. I'm pretty conservative, too, but I do like to have some slight subtle "drama" with my highlights.

    I get complimented all the time for the cut and the color. This is what my cut looks like without the bangs:
  3. Twinkle, thanks for posting. That is a beautiful cut! I'm a little nervous about going shorter than chin-length, I was thinking more like mid-neck length (a tad higher in the back though).

    Can you please describe your violet highlights? Are they subtle or bold and stripey? I've had magenta highlights before and they were rad, but after a month they washed out and just looked orangey-pink.
  4. ITA and I adore your cut! I gave myself an angled bob recently, well more like a pageboy because it is chin length. It is short and neat in the back and longer almost one length in front and it has garnered compliments. I'm so glad of the easier maintenance now. I also used L'Oreal for Brunettes Only to lighten my hair color about 3 shades. I use Garnier Fructis conditioner and Frizz Ease to keep the volume down somewhat.

    Bobs are only conservative if you leave them kind of dry and poufy, or god forbid end up with a helmet cut. There are shines and fixatives that give gloss and swing... very sexy, young and casual.
  5. Mine has actually grown out quite a bit and the back is now a little past mid-neck. The cut can be varied to your desired length. This cut is done primarily with the Paul Mitchell carving comb which is similar to a razor. It can be done with shears, but the look is not quite the same.

    My highlights are definitely not stripey. We used lightener/bleach with 40vol developer to prelighten several strands of hair. We had to use 40vol because Asian hair has a very compact cuticle that is sometimes difficult to lighten. I didn't want to do chunky highlights because we were toying with a new formulation and product. After prelightening, we used the same color formula all over my hair so the prelightened strands show up as more violet. I hope that makes sense!

    This is very similar to what I have now. The violet in her hair has been "amped up" with a product called Inkworks. Mine highlights are about a shade darker. Hope this helps!
  6. Yep, an angled cut is the best way to go. Too straight in the back, and you risk looking like you're wearing a helmet (eeek!). Ask your stylist for a layered, angled bob, and make it very clear with him or her how long you want the front and how short you want it in the back.
    It's a harder cut to do than it looks. A bad stylist will just blunt cut, a GREAT stylist will give the bob movement and beauty like Jess Simpsons! Good luck-- you will look beautiful!
  7. Definitely get a layered cut (if you don't have too much hair, like me, just ask to get the ends layered for movement). I'm also Asian with fine limp hair so using volumizers like Phyto Volumeactif spray helps to maintain the cut. Here's a pix of my cut after 1 month (it's not the best picture since no one is around to take this shot). Hope this helps!!
  8. I've been wanting a bob again too, the last time I had one was in the 80's. Think Madonna, permed, peroxided and fried. Jessica Simpson has inspired me too but I also have fine hair. My hairdresser said that if I get a bob it will be layered for more body. I like the shorter in the back look too. Check out Victoria Beckham, she has fine hair and a bob w/great highlights.
  9. All this bob talk is making me want one too and I just got my trim last Friday LOL!
    I personally love short hair, its so carefree and easy to maintain. Except that I feel more sexy with long hair.
  10. Bubbleloba that's a beautiful 'do on you. Thanks for sharing!!!

    Vixy -- I feel the same way. I think I'll miss my long hair and the feminity I feel with it. Shorter bobbed hair can be more unique and so fashion-forward though, I dunno!

    I'm still waffling back and forth.