Conte de fees beggars Luis Vuitton interior

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  1. If someone has got this very rare bag...could share the interior please?
    Thank you...........
  2. From LT:



  3. [​IMG]
  4. Bagsnbags, do you have a pic of the outside? I've never heard of this bag before, looks cute.
  5. [​IMG]I think this is musette ...The bag I've said (I think beggars)is the first on this website..
    I'd like to know where is placed the serial number exactly......:s
    Thank you

    LVFan |
  6. I have this a search in the PF..I have pics posted.
  7. Beggars is the largest and the rarest of them all (see pic). I would assume that the inside is very similar to the musette version of this bag.
  8. Yes, thank you ...I think the same!!But I'd like that someone share it!!I know it's very difficult!!!!:yes:
    Jill..I've not found your pics...Let me know just where is placed serial number exactly, please!!!
  9. luis?
  10. No Sina, Louis!!You're great!!

  11. Do you have the bag??

    may I ask why you want to know?
  12. Not yet!!My best friend is in london now!She has found it in a vintage shop
    ..but she hasn't bought because at first sight she didn't look serial number!!!
  13. My friend called me five minutes ago from the shop!
    She hasn't found serial number inside and she has looked that it is made in France!!
    It's a fake!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:crybaby:
    I knew that was impossible to find that bag, but for a moment I hope it!
    I'm very disapponinted and sad because in this months I have bought a fake cerise, the my mother in law gift(a vintage prada bag) you say that maybe it is a fake and now the illusion to have conte de fees beggars!!
    I'm humble origin and I'm just a student and I havn't got money to buy important bags!(i have a few of bags not too expensive) And I'm not sure that I'll find a good job to became rich!!!So I hope every time to have found the bag of my dreams to a low price..but it's a mistake..
    I don't want to seem pathetic and I know problems of life are other, but bags are my fun, my passion..and this is what I feel now..
    Is there someone who can understand me?:sad:
  14. Oh..what a sadness!!Nobody answer me!I'll open a new thread..
  15. Oh I love that bag, and I'm so getting one some day... Good luck with your quest, and I hope you find one too :smile: