Conte bag? Patchwork?


Jul 7, 2006
i have the black musette and i love it. it's very unique and cute, and is a good size. I managed to squeeze a (small) jacket in there one day. There is a pocket on the inside, and another on the back on the outside. The musette comes with a long strap so it can be worn across the body. This prehaps makes it more of a day bag, but in the black, because it is black satin, i thnk it would still be suitable as a night bag.
I got mine a few months ago from authentclv_lady for around US$460 i think. The deer on the front is the damier sauvage (sp?), and its furry hehe..wen i wear it out i love patting the fur :shame:
heres a pic of it in daylight
Very cute bag :yes: