Contacts of SAs in Los Angeles and Las Vegas Needed!!

  1. Hey ladies,
    i need the contacts of the SAs here cos my friend will be there, so thinking of fetching some bags home! or is it more advisable to get SAs to ship what i want to these stores instead? pardon me since this is the first time i am buying from overseas (while i am still in my country!). i am looking for the grey envelope, sharpey with cc hanging out and a camelia namecard holder. tia!!:wlae:
  2. I ordered a bag from Charlie at NM LV, he is great!!! I highley recomend him ! Plus that NM takes every CC
  3. NM Beverly Hills - Janine
    310 550 5900

    Very sweet!
  4. Alexandra at the Bellagio is amazing!!
  5. my vote is for Carlos at NM vegas--tell him Larkie sent ya! he's wonderful!
  6. In Orange County / Southern California
    Chanel SCP/Marie Scott (714) 754- 7455
    Bloomies- Erna/ (714) 824-4668
    Neiman Marcus/Newport Beach- (949) 759-1900 Vonne
  7. My long time SA in Las Vegas is Jason. Tell him Dianne from NJ referred you. He works hard to get you what you want (he really hunts it down), he's always pleasant and polite, and I have never had any problems with him. He's just a nice person.
  8. Ya I vote for Carlos at LV too :smile: He tracked down those Nicole Richie sunnies that everyone wants fo rme just two weeks ago...he's good. ANd funny. And put up with me when I was high on champagne last weekend...:smile:
  9. Carrie at the Wynn in Las Vegas..... she's the best. She will hunt for anything for you and is so sweet and fun.

    (702) 765-5055 ~ tell her Lee sent you!!
  10. i'd recommend marie too!
  11. Thanks ladies, will call them soon!! :flowers:
  12. I know you have a lot of contacts already, but I just wanted to put in my referral of Jason at the Bellagio. So fantastic and super sweet! 702.765.5505