Contacting LVR - help with mystery!

  1. Hi Bbag girls! I am a Chloe addict but last week when I was in Florence I stopped in at Luisaviaroma and was able to try on this incredible Balenciaga. It was in a patenty sort of leather and was a golden beige color and from looking at pictures here I am guessing it was a Giant hardware City. Is anybody familiar with something like this? I know I am supposed to contact LVR and ask them to send me pictures but I don't want to look like a total nincompoop in communicating with them. I thought that patent in Bbags was just a brilliant development - adding the shine to the colors. Would it be sandstone or sahara? It definitely wasn't jaune. Thanks for any advice! - Div
  2. Patent?
    Are you sure?
  3. Okay - no! But the bag was definitely really really shiny and since there are a lot of Chloe patent bags coming out I thought the Bal had also joined the fray. I didn't want to buy anything there since the exchange rate was so high but I wanted to see if other US retailers might carry this. I see from the pictures that Bbags can have a sheen. I just could have sworn I was looking at a kind of patent???? But if YOU all haven't seen anything like that - than maybe I was off base somehow?
  4. It was probably a very shiny one, Bal doesn't have "patent" leather at the moment (or ever, I think). It might be Sahara (a very light beige) or Sandstone (a darker beige) or mastic (in-between beige), did it have giant golden or silvery studs or darker, smaller hardware?
  5. Patent--the flap envelop bag?
  6. Girls - thanks for responding. I did a little more legwork and now I am thinking that it was just a very shiny Sahara Giant Part Time. My husband commented on the silver studs looking like "thimbles" - he couldn't figure out why they were stuck on there like that - LOL! But that's the part I like best. Anyway - I will now be on a hunt for this bag from another retailer. I'm sure these never go on sale? But if it is at Aloha Rag I can have it shipped for free and not pay taxes or duty. I'm on my way there now!
  7. Hey, Div...psst!
    You can also get these bags at NM, Saks, Barneys and BalNY. PM me for details. I won't tell the Chloe girls. :graucho: