Contacting High Bidders of Fake Items

  1. When a fake item on eBay isn't removed and is a successful completed auction... Do you contact the highest bidder? What's the best thing to say in a message to them? I've contacted quite a few and just wonder what others send (if people do contact them!)

    I guess my biggest concern would be if I contacted a high bidder, they didn't pay, and then told the seller that I was the one who told them not to. Could eBay go after me for encouraging non-paying bidders? :push:

    I just feel like there should be consumer advocates in the eBay world who take it as a duty to inform people who are being scammed! eBay has gotten so huge that I know they can't/don't have as many "watchdogs" as are necessary.
  2. You can get kicked off Ebay for warning people they are buying fakes! Ebay calls it "auction interference" and they take it seriously (more seriously than fakes, it seems) because it cuts into their profits. That said, I think it's nice to warn high bidders that they got a fake, but doing it through Ebay isn't a good idea, at least not with an Ebay ID you don't want suspended. ;)
  3. Good to know! If only the world was a perfect place and fakes weren't made or sold.... *sigh*
  4. I've done it a couple of times because with buyers winning auctions from a particular seller as I was a bit cross about a conversation with ebay about the seller who did nothing to remove the seller for MONTHS. I got a really nasty response from one person, so these days I don't bother. If they want to chuck their money away on fake tat then that's their lookout. Buyer beware and all that.
  5. Agree with caannie.
    My friend got suspended by eBay by she told winning bidder for $800 fake Lv bag. The seller know it and report my friend to eBay.
    We also don't know if the winning bidder is shill bidder.
  6. Admittedly, I've done it, but not in a while. Usually I just report the fake auction to eBay and hope that something is done on their end.
  7. I have done it in the past but never knew that you could get suspended or even kicked out of ebay. I guess I won't be doing that anymore. Also, I think now, unless you are in an actual transaction with the bidder, there isn't a way to contact them anymore. Correct me if I am wrong.
  8. NEVER - NEVER - EVER contact another bidder in regard to a listing like that... You can be booted permanently.:nogood:
  9. Just report the listing to ebay as counterfeit. Don't contact the buyer.
  10. Thats what i do too... wish EBAY can removed fake listing faster...:yes::p
  11. Same here, have done it but not since eBay brought in that rule where you can't contact a bidder unless you're in a transaction with them. In fact it was while I was trying to contact a bidder about a fake bag she was bidding on when I found about it.