Contact Wearers - Need Help W/mascara


Jun 28, 2006
I just recently started wearing contacts again. I am using AMS eyedrops and it takes my mascara off like makeup remover. I couldn't believe it. :s

I recently was turned on to Dior mascara, but if I cry (recent funeral) it comes off and my eyedrops take it off as well. :wtf:

I really don't like to wear waterproof. It's hard on my fine skimpy lashes and it's very hard to get off. :sad:

I need some recommendations. Are there any drops that won't take it off? What mascara are you using that works well for you?

Thanks. :idea:
My fav mascara is Bare Escentuals Weather Everything Mascara. I can swim, sweat, cry and it never comes off. I just use good old cheap Ponds to remove it at night, comes right off, no tugging or damaging your lashes.
I've never found a non-waterproof mascara that stays on with contact-friendly eye drops (I use B&L Renu rewetting drops). I stick to waterproof mascara only (Dior, Lancome & Maybelline). I used Lancome's oily eye makeup remover and recently switched to Chanel and they both work great!
My hay fever allergies make it hard for me to wear mascara, too.

I get my eyelashes dyed every 4-5 weeks. Works great.

I get them done in black with no blue. Blue-black looks so fake.
I just bought blinc mascara. This stuff is crazy. It wraps your lashes in this tuble like stuff but it goes on like regular mascara. I have been using it for several weeks and it doesn't flake, smudge, or run. I must say that this stuff is awesome. You have to take it off a little differently. You just use water and pressure to pull it off your lashes. It will not come off with just pressure or just water. It has to has both. No removers needed. The best part is that it doesn't bother my contacts. :P