Contact Lense Stuck in My sisters eye !!!

  1. So Im sat here now at my sisters house minding her kids, shes at the hospital. A contact lense has stuck in her eye and she just cant find it to get it out, shes got blurred vision and her eye was near enough bleeding. Shes been gone more than Three hours at the hospital, her phones switched off, I really hope shes ok. I will keep you updated.
  2. wow... hope she's okie...:flowers:
  3. Hope she's ok! I wear contacts too. I wonder how it got stuck? Did she start freaking out and maybe dig at her eyes I wonder? That's very strange. I wonder what type of contacts she uses.
  4. My contact used to get stuck all the time. Like on the side of my eyeball almost going toward the back. I never panicked and always dug it our. But bleeding? :nuts: Hers sounds serious.
  5. thanks guys, Im really hoping its not something serious. A friend of mine from college had it happen to him a couple of weeks ago and his eye was really bloodshot, the lense had broke but it was there are we got it out but my sisters is just gone, nowhere to be seen. IDK what ones she wears but I'll find out when she gets back. Just put the kids to bed LOL, they are dying to know whats happening but I have to be a sensible uncle and not have them up all night, its 12:30 here lol. Will keep you all updated :smile:
  6. Near bleeding? That sounds terrible. Maybe she has a scratched cornea or something...I hope she's ok!
  7. :wtf: Hope she's okay!
  8. She just got back, everything is ok, it was stuck right in the back of her eye, at first they couldnt find it but then they numbed the eye and found it using something when they opened the eyelid as much as they could. The eye was bleeding and it looked awful when she got back. But Im so glad shes ok :tup:
  9. That made me cringe. Glad she's okay!!
  10. Thank God she's ok!!!
  11. Wow! This has happened to me before but never bloodshot or anything... when I first got my contacts a couple years ago I was watching a movie and then all of a sudden I got blurred vision! I was like wth so I went to the bathroom and checked in the mirror and one of my contacts was nowhere in sight! EEK! But then the movie was good so I just put on my glasses and then a few hours later the contact magically slipped back into place....hahah

    Glad to hear ur sister's ok!
  12. Oh.. that sounds nasty and painful! I've gotten contacts stuck in the side/back of my eyes twice. Each time I thought that i had dropped it when putting it in cause my vision was still blurry. So i put another one in. WEIRDEST FEELING EVER. After rubbing my eye all day one of them would come out with tons of eye gunk on it. So gross, but really refreshing not having a contact rubbing against the back of your eyeball.
  13. I'm glad she's okay! I rarely wear my contacts, and hearing all this just freaks me out. I got one of my trial pair stuck b/c it fell on the floor when I was in DSW with no solution, so I tried washing with water (I remember my 3rd grade teacher doing this-12 years sgo!). When I placed it in my eye, it was the scariest feeling on my eye. It felt like a vacuum on my cornea. I tried to stay calm and eventually managed to pull it out. I better be more careful from now on!!

    Hope your sisters recovers quickly :smile:
  14. Oh my I hope she is ok- I am a some time contact lense wearer and this has really scared I better be careful...
  15. wow that is really scarey.... hope she feels better today..