Contact lens stuck in eye?

  1. I tryed to take my contacts out last night, but one of them didn't come out, and is stuck somewhere in my eye. It's been stuck for about 10 hours or so now, and it's no where to be seen in my eye. It's not messing up my vision, it's off to the corner somewhere, just uncomfortable feeling. I've put eye drops, water in, but nothing has seemed to help move it to where I can get it. Anyone else have this happen? Any tips? :confused1:
  2. I have had this happen to me. I went to the optician to have it removed. I've messed about with my eye trying to take it out myself--not a good idea. Sometimes, it has come out, but I haven't seen it or dropped it. I'm well known at my optician's office:shame:
  3. What did they do to remove it?
  4. Have you tried saline solution?
  5. When this has happened to me, I close my eye and gently "massage" around my eyeball, and this usually brings it to the front and I can remove as usual. However, if yours is stuck somewhere in the back of the eyeball (if that's even possible with all the nerves etc back there), you might be better off going to see your eye doctor.
  6. ^ I agree with bali. I have had a similar issue happen, and did the massaging trick. It usually brings the lens to the front and you can remove it. But, after ten hours if you're still having problems, I would see your eye doctor.
  7. Can you get to the contact and just cant get it out? Or can you not find it at all? I would try closing your eye and massaging, make sure you are relaxed and not panic - because you prob wont get anywhere if you panic. Sometimes when I cant get my contacts out - this sounds weird but I try to dry my eye a bit, I keep my eye open and not blink and it dries my eye a bit making it easier to get the contact out. If all else fails, I would go to a doctor.
  8. Im practically blind so I wear the hard ones and sometimes if I mess with it a bit I get it stuck under the clear film on top of the eye (i think) so I just massage it a bit and eventually it comes out.
  9. Hopefully you've gotten it out by now, but if not, I would definitely recommend the optometrist! It will come out much quicker and less painful.
  10. Ugh - this reminds me of that urban legend about the guy who spent hours trying to get his contact lens out. After hours of pinching and prodding his eyeball, he decides that it is really, completely stuck so he fronts up to the hospital... only to be told by the doctor that he is not wearing one (must have fallen out) and has been pinching the membrane on his eyeball for the last few hours!

    I agree with the others - you need to go see a professional, either your optometrist or your doctor. Do it before you get an eye infection - they hould be able to flush it out in a jiffy!
  11. Dont worry, the lens cant go behind your eye. You didnt mention if lenses are soft or hard or if they are tinted. This had happened to me many times. You need to look for it, and if it is there you will find it. When you find it, from the outside push your finger above where it is and turn your pupil towards it. It should go back to its normal place...Good luck and dont worry, if you cant feel it i have a feeling its not there.
  12. Just try and moisturize it a bit with saline solution, then gently massage the area where you feel it stuck trying to bring it back to the front. This usually gets my lost lenses out! Mine are soft ones, though.
  13. let us know what happens!! i hope you can get it out!
  14. this has happened to me before - thank god i realized after about 4 tries that it must've fallen out. it was painful! i was so grossed out afterward and scared to think that i could've broken or damaged something

    now im way more careful
  15. ^ I've done that too, and I always end up with a gross red spot on my eye :push:

    I would try saline and gently massaging your lid. I've never gotten a lens stuck before-- it sounds scary :s