Contact lens cloudiness from eyeliners

  1. hi ladies!

    While I know there are threads for eyeliner recommendations, I'm wanting to know what contact lens wearers are using - specifically for your waterline and/or lower lash line. Every and I means EVERY time I wear liner in either my waterline or even on my lower lash line, it somehow causes my contact lenses to become "foggy" after about an hour. I then have to eather use eye drops to clean it off or remove the lens entirely, clean it, and pop it back in (although the cloudiness just come back). I can't even imagine the mess I would have if I tried to tightline my upper lashes.

    Anyone else have this issue? What did you do (or what product do you use) to stop this? I've just stopped wearing liner on my lower lash line but I LOVE how my eyes look when they are waterlined. :sad:
  2. I wear contacts & I water line the top but not the bottom, it just doesn't look good on the bottom for me... I wear the Avon ultra luxury eyeliners. I catch them when they're on sale for $1.99, or buy then on eBay because I can buy quantities of 20 at a time at a good price rather than the $6 that Avon usually sells them for. They are actually on sale right now, you can buy them online from Avon, or use a rep.
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  4. No problem - thanks Swanky! :smile:

    Thanks - There is an Avon store not to far from my job so I will stop in and try one of those liners. Anything to stop the cloudiness so I can "see" again! I'm tired of people thinking I'm winking at them when I'm just trying to clear my contact (its even more awkward when its guys lol).
  5. Mally makes a special one and try using organic one or physician formula ones I love there mascara. It seems like you are allergic to the chemicals take it with a grain of salt too since pollen count is has been pretty high. Also just as a precaution you might want to mention to your doctor just to make sure you are not causing scar tissues and your eyes are getting enough oxygen.
  6. I had the exact same problem, my eyeliner would cause a smudge spot on my contacts. Here's two things I did which stopped the issue. Firstly, I changed my eyeliner brand, secondly, and I think this is the big one, I put my contacts in about 5 minutes after I apply my make up, allowing the eyeliner to set a little bit. Hope it helps, I remembered how infuriating it was to always be taking my lenses out to clean them or throwing them away more often, or blinking and winking at strangers!
  7. i had the same exact problem for years and years. My contacts would have to be changed more frequently than the intended 2 weeks because I kept getting smudge marks on the contacts. Almost all pencil liners would do this to me and I only used high brand pencil liners (I think it was mainly due to the shape of my eyes and how my bottom lashes stick up). I haven't had a problem with it smudging onto my contacts since I switched to Bobbi brown gel liner. I just use the dior eyeliner brush and it looks the exact same as a pencil on my eyes. It lasts all day long too.
  8. What brand of liner did you switch to? I'm using UD 24/7 on my waterline/lowerlashes now.

    I never thought about putting my contacts in AFTER I put on my make-up. I may have to try that too.

    Thanks - I will have to try her gel liner as I am using a pencil currently.
  9. +1 to this. I find pencil eyeliners smudge much more on contacts than gel liners. And gel liners generally last longer on the waterline (at least in my experience.) :smile:
  10. Ahhh, I thought I was the only one that had this problem...or use to, well maybe just once in awhile now. Lol. But I've noticed that when applying eyeliner and mascara, I have to be extra careful applying. When I do, I usually keep my eyes spread open and have it dry for a bit and use a qtip to wipe where I know it's going to get on my lens. And the liner I use is Chanel stylo yeux. It's seriously the best! Even with watery eyes.
  11. Well Bobbie Brown isn't sold in my area so I'm trying the Amazonian clay gel liner by Tarte so we will see how it goes.
  12. I've had the most luck using gel or very waterproof pencil eyeliners when I'm wearing contacts all day. My favorites are the Bobbi Brown gel liners and the Chanel yeux stylo waterproof, although I'm sure there are other brands that would also work...

    In general, I think the key to minimizing irritation (for contact lens wearers, people who jut have sensitive eyes, etc.) is to use a liner that minimizes fallout - so less glitter, more waterproof. Hope that helps :smile:
  13. I wear soft lenses and haven't had problems with either the Bobbi Brown gel eyeliners or Solone eye pencils (it's an inexpensive Taiwan brand that's smudgeproof and waterproof)
  14. I have this problem with pencil liners too, so I stick with liquid now. I recommend Stila All Day Waterproof Liquid Eye Liner (it's also easy to apply as I am completely inept when it comes to liquid liners!).
  15. Do any of you accidentally "draw" on your contact lens? I kept doing it :sad: even with bobbi brown ones, I just have to take deep breathes and make sure I'm 100% focussed to do it in the morning...