Contact Dermititis

  1. Has anyone of you guys experiences contact dermititis, very bad rash, from clothing. I recently bought a pair of GAP jeans and both of my legs broke out a a bad rash. After a week of uncontrollable itching and scratching even when on Zyrtec, I went to the doctor's today and he confirmed that it was a case of contact dermititis. My skin has never been that sensitive so now I am scared to buy new clothes. I have never had a problem with GAP clothes so I'm not sure if there standards have changed in terms of the type of dyes and chemicals they use to treat their clothing.

    It's really nuts how much discomfort it has caused.:yucky: :yucky:
  2. Yes I have, multiple times. Just one example: I wore a pair of pantyhose without washing them first (I had never even thought to wash them honestly) and I broke out horribly on my legs. I'm talking silver dollar sized hives, it was agony. But I'm allergic to quite a few common dyes and perfumes, so it's happened before. With clothes it's quite easy to fix usually, make sure to wash everything before you wear it and always use a dye and perfume free detergent. Woolite can be good too, though it's perfumed. Wash items multiple times if you're not sure (I always wash underthings at least two times, I've had reactions after one washing). Most of the time allergic reactions are caused by some residual chemicals used in finishing the clothing, you just have to get rid of them. With denim, the dye does continue to rub off, you may look for organically dyed denim or a premium denim. Witness and Loomstate both make organically dyed denim. I know what misery contact dermatitis is, I hope you now feel better! Don't worry, with some special handling you won't have too many problems with clothes.