Constantly hungry because I wake up too early?

  1. Hi guys,

    I work about 2 hours away from my home: that means I have to get up at 5 in order to be on time at 8. I eat a bowl of whole-grain cereal or a breakfast roll in the morning but I am STARVING by the time 8 / 9 rolls around and I am then hungry for the rest of the day.

    I try to eat a Banana during that time, but that doesn't really help against the hunger.

    I usually eat a sandwich or (cold) leftovers from the day before (we have no microwave) for lunch at 12 and then I eat dinner at about 8 when I get home in the evening.

    Is it possible to be hungry all day just because you wake up earlier than your body is ready to? I try to get at least 6 hours of sleep a night and try to eat good things in the morning.

    The constant-hunger is just another one of the many weird symptoms I have since starting this job. Time for me to get the heck outta here...
  2. eggs! i find a mostly carby breakfast doesn't really keep me full all that long. i have 2-3 egg whites in a micro egg (it's fantastic, kind of omeletty and looks like a big snowball when it comes out and literally takes a minute) and normally a slice or two of dark rye bread with turkey or a bowl of full fat greek yoghurt with berries (or plain) to go with that. i'm convinced cereal is the :devil: or candy in a bowl that you cover with milk and i almost never have it. now i'm feeling a bit fat/bloaty :push: so i'm leaving the bread for a couple of days, especially since i soon have to fit into a dress i had altered at probably my lowest weight ever a few weeks ago :faint:

    eggs with the yolk are probably more filling than just the whites but i hate the taste so i just can't do it :lol:

    i do notice if i don't have enough sleep i'm constantly hungry, 7 hours is just right but if i have 6 or less i want to eat. all. the. time. also, 8 hours between lunch and dinner is way too long without anything in between, can you do anything about that?
  3. I figure the pounds should be flying off by how little I've been eating lately but it's just the opposite! lol

    I usually have a granola bar or an apple at around 4, but that's nothing substantial either.

    When I get home I literally STUFF my face. It's almost embarassing.

    Last night I had a plate of left over Chicken Parmesean and then had a plate of Spaghetti...and a big bowl of Broccoli. :shame:

    Eggs... that could be something! Do you use the microwave?

    I try to by cereals / muesli without sugar but you know how these companys are... ;)

    I am just plain hungry! I forgot my banana today and thought I was going to start crying. lol

  4. :whistle: you're probably eating even more than you think when you're that hungry.

    yup, i use one of these in the microwave

    they aren't super durable, i probably need to replace mine soon but i absolutely love it because it saves so much time. and you don't need any butter or anything, just a few drops of water, and i absolutely hate peeling boiled eggs, if it's a tricky one it almost makes me cry in the morning :lol: plus i prefer the fluffy texture anyway, but if you're expecting an actual normal boiled egg then you'll probably be disappointed. i separate mine out in the evening if i remember so i don't have to do it in the morning.

    i feel the same way about granola bars as cereal :shame: i seem to remember there being a thread here about healthy snacks, i'll see if i can find it.. aaah here! i tend to bring greek yoghurt or cottage cheese with strawberries (any berries with the yoghurt, but only strawberries with cottage cheese for whatever reason :p ) and have it two-three hours after lunch.
  5. Oh very nice! Now a stupid question... you put the whole egg in there, right?

    I bought myself a little insulated lunchbox thingy, so I will be able to take yoghurt and such with me soon. I just need to remember to put the cold packs in the freezer.

    We have a fridge here at work but it's absolutely gross and I def. don't want to put my food in there.

    I just ran down to the bakery and bought myself a fruit salad. I thought I was going to fall out of my chair from hunger.
  6. :lol: no, you crack the egg in there. it fits one whole egg or two whites. and it comes out looking like a snowball!
  7. Old fashioned oatmeal made from scratch with milk keeps me full for a long time. (Supposedly instant oatmeal and bars are not as effective.) You might have to get up earlier to make it. Takes about 10 minutes. There is another thread in the Kitchen forum with really good oatmeal recipes.

    Can you go to bed earlier?

    Also drink water first thing in the morning. It's supposed to help with metabolism. Drink a lot of water during the day.

    At night, I've heard that eating less makes you sleep better. Try to get more of your food earlier in the day.

    Learn about glycemic index. Low glycemic index foods keep you from getting hungry. Bananas are high in sugar. Protein and low glycemic index foods will be more satisfying - have the banana for dessert.

    I love getting up at 4:30 or 5am after a good night's sleep. You have the whole world to yourself!

    Edit: For the eggs, I make crustless quiches in those silicon muffin "pans", then freeze the whole "pan" and pop one out and stick it in the microwave in the morning. It's not as filling as the oatmeal, though.
  8. Eggs! I normally quickly slice up a tomato, throw it in a pan with a handful of baby spinach and a tiny bit of butter let it cook for a minute then throw in two eggs and scramble for about 4 more. This is a ReALLY filling breakfast and takes less than 5 minutes.
  9. I have seen many studies lately about sufficient sleep being vital to weight loss, this may be the case for you. I think less than 7 hours can really screw with your body.

    I too find I'm starving when I don't get enough sleep! Though it's generally late at night rather than in the morning, I just have to eat a lot to keep going.

    I second (third?) the eggs. I also eat Greek yogurt and add some granola on top, it's keeps me pretty full. Throwing a bunch of fruit in a blender is quick, and you can always drink smoothies while driving.
  10. I know exactly how you feel OP. When i have 8am classes, i eat around 6:30am and my stomach is growling an hour into class, to the point where i can't even concentrate. By the end of class(10/11am) i feel ready for a huge lunch, even though it's not even lunch time. Then i get hungry again around 2.
  11. you're going WAAAAAAY too long between lunch and dinner! I'd have a good satisfying snack around 3/4pm - hummus/pita chips, protein shake, some fruit/cheese, etc. . .
    and a LOT of water.
  12. Protein in the morning will do wonders to keep hunger away longer - eggs and/or breakfast meat like ham. Additionally, snacking on things with either fiber or protein will help, too, so fruits or veggies or nuts. And lack of sleep can cause increased hunger, too. So if you are constantly tired it both makes you want to eat more and it reduces your willpower not to.
  13. Thanks for your tips guys. The long commute really gets to me and I dunno how much longer I'll be able to deal with it. Along with the constant hunger comes heart palpaltations, messed up blood test results and just the plain feeling of not ever having time for anything - I hardly have any time for my kids either and that's what hurts me most.

    I can't really go to bed earlier. By the time I cook dinner, get the kids to bed it's 9 and I'd like to have at least a few minutes of time to myself when I get home. I admire women who can be away from home for 12+ hours a day and still be able to manage their home life, but I am def. not one of them!

    I will have to look into changing my breakfast. I usually eat cereal (like Weetabix) or Muesli because it goes fast - but I would like to have something different for a an egg - or warm oatmeal with cinnamon and apples. I'll take a look into the Kitchen forum :smile:
  14. I have never been able to stay full from muesli with milk. Ain't gonna happen. I always have to eat some good (heavy) German Vollkornbrot (whole grain bread) to stay full for more than 30 mins.

    If you really like your muesli, can you prepare a Vollkornbrot sandwich to have on your commute? I can relate... commuting blows. Only thing you can do is use the time wisely... listen to podcasts or audio books or even sleep. (I'm assuming you are using public transportation.)

    ETA: I believe it is true that you can be hungrier because you are sleepy. The body tries to make up for the lack of sleep with getting more energy via food!
  15. ITA. You shouldn't go any longer than three hours without eating. Even eating some almonds, an apple, or a nutrition bar (I like Larabars the best) is a good idea. During mealtime, try to get in lots of protein and fiber to really keep you full. And chug water all day!