Constantly breaking out on the chin-help!

  1. Ever since I had my second chemical peel, two weeks ago, my chin has been breaking out. Once a zit goes away, a new one appears and I'm getting lots of new scars. (and I don't squeeze or pick these zits either!)

    I never used to only break out in the chin and my diet is more healthier than ever. Can anyone help me figure out what's going on?
  2. don't rest your chin on your hands, keep hair away from face, use an ear piece when talking on your cellphone.
  3. yea, a (cell) phone carries alot of bacteria around the mouth piece. your skin may be really sensitive since the peel and maybe this is irritating it. not too positive, but it is a possibility.
  4. Thanks-I'll clean my cell phone and see how I go. I already use a head set at work so I know it's not because of that.

    I'm baffled as to why I'm only getting zits there!
  5. i went through that phase too..and nothing i tried really worked!.. i read later that the chin area is like a hormonal breakout zone. So maybe there isnt much else to be done but just keep it clean and exfoliated...
  6. yah i heard that too, the chin is a hormonal breakout area
  7. ^I'm no longer in that "monthly breakout" period. If it's hormonal, how can I control the zits?
  8. Use proactiv! Works great.
  9. it sounds hormonal to me too. I had the same thing. Try a cleanser with salicylic acid. Paula's choice facial lotion with saliciylic acid works great too.