1. So, I know it's not the most recent movie and I apologize if there's already a thread on it but WOW.. I just watched it today for the first time and it's definitley one of those movies that left me thinking, "What just happened?"
    I'm still confused about it!

    And Gabriel.. was he good or bad? :confused1:

    I thought it was a well made film though, the special effects were :nuts: but then I'm always amazed by special effects in movies LOL.
  2. Gabriel was basically good, I think, but he/she felt that human beings were granted salvation too easily by God and wanted to create Hell on Earth to make people "earn" a place in Heaven by having to struggle through true horror and adversity.

    I didn't get this movie the first time I watched it, either.

    I too am a whore for special effects.
  3. I couldn't wait for this movie to come out, saw it at the movies and have seen it on TV I love it, the imagery is awesome!