Constant hangbag updates at NM

  1. haha! so you're the one who got that. I saw the ferragamo purse but I was so sad because I didn't have my credit card with me! I keep refreshing and there are more and more purses! its so exciting :biggrin:
  2. cute bag! Congrats!
  3. Ack! I've been checking that link for days. Glad someone here got it. Enjoy!
  4. you guys should also keep checking Bergdorf Goodman... i've found more deals there then NM.
  5. thanks everyone for sharing. congrats reneew. it's really cute bag
  6. Congrats! Really cute bag.Thanks for the heads up!
  7. it's available right now!!
  8. is there a free shipping code for BG?
  9. FREE SHIPPING* with $150 purchase and code BGBEAUTY