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  1. Besides a bolide, and some new scarves, another Hermes desire that has developed has been a Constance bag. Does anyone have one of these? Would you like to share details like color, size, price, and how it fits into your lifestyle? I'm seriously thinking about getting one in the next few months if I find one that I really like.
  2. OMG, just missed OT's Constance she was selling! A gorgeous bag.......oh lordy, I can't believe it!

    I've come to believe that timing is everything...........
  3. No! Aw man. What did it look like? <Sigh> I'm guessing my Constance will find me like my birkin and kelly did huh?
  4. can i speak freely??

    the constance is one of the few hermès bags i don´t like it i reminds me alot of the kind of bags my granny used to wear and i hate the huge logo "H" same applies also for their belts. but that is just me
  5. lol yes you can speak freely. When I first saw the Constance I did not like it. Especially since it had the big H on it. It seemed gaudy or something. But the Constance started growing on me. It may not be right for me though because I'm only 26. Wouldn't want to be carrying a granny bag!
  6. I can totally see the Constance worn with pressed jeans, crisp white shirt and metropolitan, IMO.

    This is a bag that has grown on me for sure....didn't like it much either at first but it's a bit of a "sleeper" bag for me, you know?
  7. I really like the Constance but it is one that grew one me. The more I saw, the more I liked. :yes:
  8. I tried on a Constance at one time and it looked really bad on me. For some reasons, it made me look old ...

    NG, I've seen the Constance at the boutique couple of times before. I'll keep my eyes open for it.
  9. I actually think of the Constance as a young woman's bag and think it'd look awesome with crisp jeans, flats and a tweed blazer. It's a casual bag with just a hint of formality.

    I, too, hated the H initially as I disklike logos, but it's grown on me and I look at it as an iconic style now.
  10. Wow. So it seems that it grew on others the same way it had to grow on me. It is definitely an acquired taste and I can see it with the outfits described. It would be quite cute actually I suppose. I'm going to see what Atlanta has the next time I go. Or maybe D.C.
  11. Ashley Judd has a black vintage croc Constance that is simply gorgeous. When I saw her with the bag she had on a pair of jeans and a sweater and it looked fantastic. I think it is a bag for all ages and looks good with everything from suits to jeans.
  12. How cute.:tender: Now I want one!! Didn't Jackie O have one?:flowers:
  13. Jackie O had everything......:girlsigh:
  14. Yeah...

    I would love to see a picture of her with a Constance bag. Does anyone know if she had a birkin or kelly as well?

    And Ashley Judd's ensemble with the Constance bag sounds really cute!
  15. Nathansgirl....I've never seen pics of Jackie O with a Birkin or a Kelly....good question. I really doubt highly that she had a Birkin but a Kelly might be another story....anyone?