1. I am thinking about a Constance possibly in the larger size. Please let me know your it dressy or casual? Do you tend to use it alot? Advantages:tup:/Disadvantages:tdown:? Thanks so much!!

  2. Great look but dont do it.............they tend to be in box leather which doesnt wear well........the hardware being so large shows every scratch...........they dont stand up on their own. The flap is as long as the bag so it s a little unwieldy getting it ip and into it............a dress bag only. I had one and sold it years ago
  3. lovehermes, I really like the look of the Constance. Like the Kelly style, the Constance is such a neat pulled together look. It is also expensive to craft, a lot of stitching required, so that makes it a bit pricey for it's size ( some seem surprised by the cost )

    It is not going to hold a lot, as compared to the Birkin. But, it's classic Hermes, all the way, and was often seen worn by Jacqueline Kennedy ( as well as the Trim )

    It has separate clutch style pockets in the interior. It has a 60's feel.

    Only having tried one I cannot comment on how it wears, but, there will be a Constance in my future, and, as I've done with the Kelly style, I love the Constance very much and will make it work for me.
  4. all true..........however bags like this were made for ladies back in the day so to speak who carried lipstick, a comb and a hankerchief. its a gorgeous look. but i liken it to a piece of arm jewelry (channeling one of the olsen twins with her emerald green croc version dangling so sweetly on her arm). having spoken with you about many style issues i only suggest you really think about it and buy a used one if possible, they are very expensive compared to other bags due to their elaborate construction. and hard to re-sell for anywhere near their retail purchase price (sorry i am woefully practical)
  5. LH,
    If you want one, get one. Mine (the smaller size) is twenty five years old and looks lovely. No, you can't carry your life around with you with a Constance, but honestly, do you need to? And box is box, the most classic and glowing of the leathers, and only grows more beautiful over time.
  6. yes I agree hermesaholic...a vintage would be gorgeous in a Constance. I didn't know that they are expensive because of their construction...I do however love the idea that Jackie Kennedy had one!
  7. Well, my dear lovehermes, I hope to get my MM sized Black Box Constance back anytime now, and you're welcome to take her for a whirl when she does. My biggest complaint is that she doesn't hold much, but otherwise, it's a just a great classic looking bag.
  8. The larger the Constance, the more casual the look so it really depends on what you are going for. I think the smaller sizes really bring out the best design qualities of the Constance.
  9. Oh my coco-nut...I'd love to see her and you of course!!

  10. good point--in the larger size the H is quite BIG
  11. ^^I know but I want to wear it casually too...maybe it's not the bag for me.

  12. i would think about it .....i apologize if i am maybe too blunt but i think its a bag you would buy and not use (edit: however if you bought a second hand one for a good price it might be a nice way to experiment)
  13. Could somebody tell me the sizes it comes in...thanks!
    I know I could call Hermes but I can't wait till tomorrow.
  14. LH, I had seen one in Vert Anis Chevre w/PH awhile back, and it was stunning. I don't think I'd get one to wear casually though unless the strap can be lengthened to sling across your body (can this be done anyone?).
  15. For you LH, I say pass for many reasons.