1. Hi everyone! My mom is looking for an evening bag she could carry when she's going to the theater/ballet/opera, but which wouldn't be too dressy to wear to bank appointments etc. She doesn't like clutches. She doesn't own any Hermès bags yet, only scarves. I was walking past the Hermès window in my hometown the other day and saw a beautiful little bag in turquoise with gold hw. After some searching in the Refrence Library I found out, that it's called Constance.
    My questions are: How much would a Constance be in a non-exotic, worry-free leather? The strap can be worn two different ways, right? Are there various sizes? Do you have any other suggestions for an evening bag?
    Thanks a bunch! :flowers:
  2. Constance would be a good choice for something like that. I had a vintage and sold it when I was saving for a Birkin. I had one in brown that was lovely but too small for me for everyday use and not the right color for evening. I didnt' use it much so it had to go to fund the Birkin.

    The new ones are not cheap, I think about $3,600 or so which I think it a lot for this bag. I saw one come up on eBay in rouge that went for just over $1,000 in box. If I hadn't already reached my Hermes bag spending limit I might have bought it. I think they come in the single compartment and I have seen some that are wider. It is a great little bag in the right situation. Some of the exotics are amazing as evening bags. Good luck. ​
  3. I think the Constance with the single gusset is a lovely bag for evening! Mine is Chocolate Box with Gold and I love it because it's a hands-free bag when you need one to be and lays nicely in your lap at a restaurant. It's sleek and pretty much goes with just about everything. The Constance with the single gusset fits a small wallet, cell, keys and some makeup. Just enough for a nice night out......the one I saw last year in the Las Vegas store was $5K.

    I think if Mom wants an evening bag, a beautiful black Box with Gold would be perfect!
  4. Thank you for the fast answers.
  5. Deelove, the Constance is a timeless beautiful style....but, it can appear to be costly for it's size. If you look at it closely, it has a lot of workmanship and for those of us who appreciate it, well worth the extra dollars.

    Another style some of us carry is the Kelly 25 or even Kelly 28 for evening ( it can go night or day )....the larger one being more roomy, of course. Again, you're paying for stitches, time and workmanship, not size, so the smaller bags run almost as much as their larger sisters.
  6. I love Constance, but it's too small for me to hold all of my items...I wish they make Constance bigger.....
  7. Thanks for the useful information. I think it's worth investing in a timeless classic style. I have always admired the craftsmanship of Hermès items and plan on investing in a bag sometime in the near future. And if my mom doesn't want her Constance anymore at some point, I'll gladly take that burden off her.:graucho:
  8. deelove82 you asked about worry-free leathers for the constance - i've only ever seen it in box and croc.

    what other leathers does it come in, does anyone know?
    it's a really beautiful bag.

    shopmom, yours in brown box with gh is true excellence.
  9. I've only seen them in croc, box, and I think they did a turquoise chevre. It's a lovely, classic bag!
  10. I think the turquoise Chevre is what I saw in the shop window. I saw a croc one on eBay recently. That one look divine. But my mom thinks that a croc bag would be too flashy for her (:shocked: I KNOW! I absolutely adore the Hermès croc bags). And Box does scratch pretty easily, doesn't it?
  11. When I was at the mothership, I remember seeing a red box Constance that cost as much as a 32cm kelly. I didn't get it because my SA said she recommended that I bought the kelly instead.
  12. I had a vintage box that Claude in the NY store said could have been from the first years they issued the bag (1969-70). It was box but in great condition, a few scratches but not a lot. Didn't detract from the beauty of the bag. They are quite expensive new so you might want to get one on eBay where they go for a lot less. As far as I know, there are not the fakes out there for this bag so you might be safe buying a vinatge on ebay and getting a good deal.
  13. sadly, there are fakes.

  14. ITO with HiHeels. I've seen a fake Constance and was able to examine it, so I know they're out there. Also, I've got a vintage Black Lizard Constance GHW, so I know that Lizard is an option.
  15. There are fake constance on e bay so do be ware!
    Its a lovely classic bag, new in the uk 2700 uk pounds