Constance Wallet? Coin Purse

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  1. I saw a little pic of the wallet and it looks precious!

    Does anyone have pics of the Constance wallet and coin purse? reviews? Price?

    thanks bunches!
  2. thanks guys!!!
  3. Its lovely isn't it
    really cute
  4. It's adorable!
  5. I love that!!! OMG...
  6. It's a very chunky wallet, guccigal. Very pretty, no less. The gussets at the sides compromise the internal space. And as such, I can't put my BB into it. It does look like it has the dimensions to fit a BB, but alas, no.
  7. #9 Jan 28, 2010
    Last edited: Jan 28, 2010
    what is a bb mrssparkles? (duh... i was thinking H like box birkin but why would u want to put a bag into a wallet? lol blackberry!!)
    well i cannot even fit my small jalou phone in it.

    i find it quite chunky too, almost like a small cosmetics pouch. but lots of nice compartments, much much more than the kelly compact and much easier to use. and i was pleasantly surprised to find there is even one compartment at the back!

    i find it quite heavy too. i don't think i can fit it into my kelly 28 and leave much space for other stuff.

    but it is so pretty! i love it in red too but the pink is so pretty and my SA told me it's nice as a dinner clutch which i fully agree. just got to find a small lipgloss like bobbi brown's.
  8. BB = Blackberry.
  9. tks ms piggy took me quite a few moments to figure that out duh..
  10. Oh, I didn't read properly you edited the post, duh too! LOL!
  11. ladies~~ do you think it will fit into my picotin PMs??? somehow it reminds me of the LV koala wallet.... TIA!!
  12. ^ LOL too funny :ghi5:
  13. In Taipei it's NT$85,300 (approx. US$2,650) for one in Epsom. :smile: