Constance v Evelyne


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Feb 26, 2006
I saw a picture of a dove gray Constance and LOVED it. But there isn't much information I could find on the Constance in this forum (other than the fact that it is preferred by Jackie O, together with the Trim).

Anyone with the Constance? And do you prefer it over the Evelyne for a casual, daily bag? Thanks everyone!


Mar 25, 2006
TammyD, I don't have a Constance, so I am not sure if I am qualified to share my opinion about it .... The 2 best skins I like on a Constance is black Box Calf with Gold hardware, and a Croc Constance.

I think both styles are great because you can play with the straps i.e. wear it as a sling bag or double up the straps and wear it was a shoulder bag.

A Constance IMO is more rigid than casual because it's a flap bag. For a fun, Sunday church bag (not that I go to church), I actually prefer the Evelyn. :heart:
Oct 12, 2006
The Constance is a lovely bag. It seems quite dressy to me and a lot more formal than the Evelyne. The PM Constance is several inches smaller than the PM Evelyne. The Constance just seems so "lady like" to me...

I have the Evelyne and the wide strap makes it very comfortable to wear when running errands, etc. The clemence leather makes it soft and casual. I see the Constance as a bag for use when dressing up. I really think the two really cannot easily be compared. To me they just seem so very different from each other.


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Apr 8, 2006
I agree.......I don't have a Constance but I had one on in the store in LV and really love it. However, it's the one bag I've held off buying for myself simply because it's a fairly dressy bag, IMO. I think if I found one in brown box with Pall hw it would make a difference but the rigidness would make it difficult for me to use as an everyday bag.


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Jun 17, 2006
The Evelyne is just a great 'throw-stuff-in-then-throw-on-and-look-great' bag. It's great but a totally different look than the Constance. I love the Evelyne and it is a bag that I now cannot live without, whereas the Constance I don't find so super necessary because I have Ms Kelly.


SofaKing PuertoRican
Mar 6, 2006
I have to say otherwise in ref to Miss Constance. I use her to run errands. I can dress her up or down.
I own a 23cm constance in black Chamonix leather and PH so it's very easy for me to convert her look. She goes very well with a pair of jeans and black boots as well as with a suit or a dress. What I love about this bag is the strap, it's what makes all the difference. You can use the strap long and use it short.


Sep 15, 2006
totally different personality of bags. constance - ladylike and formal. evelyn - casual and carefree. IMO.

Agree! So you're not actually comparing apples with apples in that sense (slightly dressier bag Vs casual bag) and that makes it a bit tough to decide. But I would go for the Evelyne anyday over the Constance, no reason, just a preference thing...sorry no help :shrugs: