Constance To Go

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  1. Constance To Go is due to arrive for SS20 and here's a mod shot from
    It will come in Epsom, Evercolor, Ostrich and shiny Gator. It's a few hundred more (350-450 range if I'm not mistaken) than the regular Constance wallet for the extra leather strap. Yes, strap looks rather short and has been debated here. :P It is non-adjustable.

    That said, I don't think any has arrived in stores as yet but look forward to seeing reveals and reviews of it when it does! :biggrin:
  2. Want!
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  3. Here’s a post including a video of the interior. Half of the card slots have been taken out compared to the regular Constance long wallet.

  4. The length is perfect on her, how tall is she? I don’t think it would look like that on me... but the length here is fantastic!
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  5. Based on what I see, I prefer my Constance elan which is big enough to hold a long bearn wallet, iPhone, keys and lipstick, but sleek enough to feel like the Constance to go. And the elan has straps that can be doubled or worn cross-body.
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  6. My thoughts exactly. I have several Constance long wallets and a Constance Elan bag. I ❤️ and use them all. But for some reason, I just have not warmed to this new Constance To Go. I feel you’ve summed it all up nicely.
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  7. @MrsJDS I meant to tag you in my post above but for some reason my posts are not showing that I'm quoting you.
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  8. I would definitly consider this in shiny gator.
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  9. I really liked the idea of it when I first heard about it, but something about it doesn't do it for me either. I would want to be able to wear it crossbody without it being too short.
  10. This looks super cute but I have to remind myself why I stopped using a similar style from another brand - I don't like flaps.
  11. Interior of the Constance To Go (Credit: Orange.affair via Instagram)
    Also for those concerned about the strap being too short, the strap drop is supposedly 53cm. I think that's plenty for most. ;)
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  12. #12 Jan 13, 2020
    Last edited: Jan 13, 2020
    I loved the idea and was disappointed when I saw it. I felt it was a lazy attempt at a WOC. It looked tooooo similar to the long wallet.

    Aside from a strap, I wished there was some design aspects that make it more unique to regular wallet. Perhaps a wider base (like Chanel WOC) so that it can stand upright and even a back pocket slit (super useful for parking structure tickets! LOL).
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  13. No back pocket? My current Constance wallet has a back pocket, it would be a shame if they removed it.
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  14. Sorry to hear of your disappointment. Did you happen to note the price? :flowers:

    :yw: to @Flowerlily for this. Price is £4100 per this image from a magazine.
  15. Yes. Price has nothing to do with my opinion. It’s just simply too much of a carbon copy to me.