Constance strap......

  1. Does anyone know if the strap on the Constance is long enough so the bag can be slung across the chest and sit comfortably against your side?

    Muffin wants to know..........
  2. Is that the one we saw in the window yesterday??

    Ps..Have you made a decision? I PMed you!
  3. Sorry, Muffin. It might work for a really tiny person, a dwarf perhaps, but not for the 4'6" and up crowd.
  4. well, it wouldn't work for me... :roflmfao:

    Oh my..I am so in love with the Constance!!! :drool:
  5. Where are you? Here or in Alaska?
  6. I just tried on a large Constance (approx. 28cm across) and that strap can definitely go across the body. It looked FANTASTIC, esp in chocolate box with PH.
  7. This is good news (or maybe I should say bad:graucho:)! I have never tried one on and I was wondering if that could be done.

    Has anybody tried to wear that way the small Constance? Are we sure that this can't be done?
  8. here's a bag i can never pull off!!
  9. I think the drop of the strap if it's let all the way out is about 15" on the 23cm bag and I have a feeling that's a little too snug. Anyone?
  10. Way too short, IMO.