Constance sizes?

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  1. #1 Oct 10, 2010
    Last edited: Oct 10, 2010
    Can anyone ID sizes for these Constance bags? I do not love the really big ones, and I don't like the elan. But Miraslava's, Rachel's, and the unidentified girls black one I love.
    What size do you think the Olsen's is?

    Thank you so much for your help!
  2. 23cm
  3. sorry, i know this is an old thread but was hoping to get a better perspective of the Constance sizes on people...

    would these all be the Constance 23?

    And is there another name for it like PM or MM that Hermes refers to it as?

    I know they call the new 14cm Micro and the 18cm Mini it seems...





    And I know some people had said the 23 and 25 were discontinued but today at the H boutique my SA seemed to say there were 4 sizes, the micro 14, mini 18, the PM or MM 23, and a larger one which i assumed was the 25 unless its the 29?
  4. hi there,

    the constance currently comes in 4 sizes

    micro 14cm
    mini 18cm
    MM 24cm (used to be called 23cm! but it says 24cm on my receipt)
    elan (not sure about the exact measurements but it is the rectangular shape one rather than the square!)

    there used to be a 29cm constance which apparently has been discontinued (i read that somewhere in the forum!)


    from the pictures, it is difficult for me to tell but i would guess the top 3 to be the MM, the last one could be an elan or MM - difficult to tell from the angle. also the older MM only has a single gusset (top picture) whilst the newer ones have 2
  5. oops..i think the elan only has a single gusset so the last pic would be MM too!
  6. Another thing...the straps all seem wildly different lengths, or is it just that the heights of the women differ so much? I am 5'6" and would wish to wear the constance crossbody...would this be possible?
  7. The 23's cannot be worn crossbody, the elan can be.
  8. Both the 25cm and 29cm have been discontinued.

    If your SA is saying only 4 sizes are available, I would assume she is referring to the 14, 18, 23 and the Elan.

  9. ^^thanks so much for your help!!! love TPF girls :smile:

    im on the hunt hehe
  10. i wear my constance 24 MM crossbody all the time. I am 5'5" small frame..
  11. chincac, if you have one would you mind posting a pic wearing your 24 cross body. I'm also 5'5" and am wondering where the bag would reach my hip. TIA
  12. here you go kelly girl..HTH



  13. a few more...good luck! the middle pic is how I wear my constance most of the time..



  14. Thanks so much for all the pics chincac. Now begins the search! BTW what color is your Constance?
  15. my pleasure. good luck with your search! what colour are you looking for? i have been looking for a bright/light colour one with ghw or enamel buckle but no luck so far! :pout:

    this one is black in epsom leather, but most people incl H SAs think it is graphite! ;)