Constance or Kelly

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  1. Hi Ladies - Having a difficult time debating wether I should get a Kelly or a Constance.
    What are the 2016 prices for both and what are your thoughts?
    Also if you have a pic of the Constance please share :smile:
    Thanks in advance!
  2. You may like to read under clubhouse hermes
    Lots of wealthy useful informations pics on both kelly and constance there
    Best of
  3. Depending on your life style. They are both lady like bags but I am a kelly fan. I find it hard to open the Constance.
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  4. I would not pick a constance over a kelly! Love the kelly!
  5. They're 2 very different bags. I think it depends on how much you'll carry. I have a constance 24 and kelly 32's. I use the constance if I won't be carrying a lot and I use the kelly to fit a lot of items and for travel
  6. Harder than the Kelly? Could it be?
  7. In my opinion, the Kelly takes a longer time to open if it's all buckled up. I found it very hard to open and close the Constance when I first got it but I got used to the technique after a couple of uses.
  8. Two totally different bags. Each alluring and functional in its own way. Have you tried either? I have each and would probably choose a Kelly for my first H bag....if this is your first. Good luck!
  9. I have both and find the Kelly (mine is a 28) more practical as it has more space than my Constance 24. However, I find that I can easily wear both casually and for dressy occasions and love having both in my collection. If I had to choose, I would go for Kelly first as it holds more. But if you are a light packer, either can work. One thing about the Constance 24 is that you have 2 strap lenghts. I am petite so can wear the Constance cross-body although it hits a little higher but still cute and comfy. Let us know what you decide - good luck with your decision!!
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  10. I have both (k32) and I prefer the Constance! My favorite Hermes bag. So easy to wear on the shoulder, plus lightweight. Carries all the essentials, esp in the summertime. I find the Kelly closure more of a juggling act.
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  11. I prefer the kelly, however, since you are debating between the two, I'd suggest going into the
    boutique & trying them both to see which one you find more comfortable.

    What are the colors/leathers available to you for both bags as that may narrow down in helping
    you make a decision.

    It does take a little bit of time to get into the kelly for some, I'm used to it now & it doesn't
    bother me because I like the look & the function of the kelly.

    Good luck & let us know what you decide..
  12. I totally agree with ericat! I have both, and I do find myself use the Constance more often. I love the look of Kelly, but it does take a bit time to get in and out the bag. The Constance, on the other hand, is a pretty straight forward bag. Why not tell your SA that you are open to both options, and try them on in person and then decide? ;)
  13. kelly, kelly and kelly. I love Constance, too. if I had to choose will pick kelly
  14. I am in the same boat. I have a K but feel I need another. I am particular about my C. If you can choose see what they offer you and choose what you love. For me the leather and colour will determine which I get. I already turned down one C because it was not for me. Take your time to figure out which you love for the moment. They are both lovely.
  15. This is actually a debate I just had with myself. K vs C ... but I have a K28. I love it to death and think it is the perfect size for me. I want to add diversity to my collection of mostly B30s... so I am hunting the perfect C24. I have turned down 2 so far bc it has to be perfect situation for my first Constance 24... but in your situation I guess the bottom line is it just depends on your collection and how much you carry. Oh and add a smidge of LUCK and AVAILABILITY =)
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