Constance / Kelly wallets with chains etc

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Mar 17, 2013
Hi All!

I've searched through the threads many times over and wasn't able to find enough pictures where tPFer wear the Constance Long Wallet or KL as a bag. I have read that a few tPFer use a farandole and twilly on their KL and Constance clutch. Some even suggested strands of pearls! I'd like to know when using the farandole necklace on the wallet, will it cause indentations on the side of the flap just like the Chanel WOC? Will it cause marks or scratches the inside of the wallet? I noticed these questions were asked a couple of times but no concise replies were given.

Lastly, it'll be great if you guys can post up pictures of the wallets being worn as a bag and what can fit in there! I will post mine up shortly! =)

Thanks all!
Not open for further replies.