Constance ... Great Night Bag

  1. Loving this bag!!!
    DSC00876.jpg DSC00867.jpg DSC00868.jpg
  2. Beautiful, it looks great on you!!! I have one constance in ostrich and I love that the straps are adjustable. I think it is a super bag. It really is a perfect evening bag in black! Congratulations!!!
  3. still trying to figure out how to rotate photo... sorry
  4. I :heart: Constances!! The 23cm looks great on you! Love the look! :tup:
  5. Oh you look absolutely gorgeous... I love the constance...
  6. i love it on you!!! i've been wanting a constance too!
  7. Looks super on you!
  8. very chic!
  9. annayu, your pics are making me love the Constance too!
  10. I agree! The Constance is the perfect evening bag!
  11. Wow! That looks fantastic on you! Thanks for sharing those pic and have fun w/ your Constance. I love that style more and more lately.
  12. it looks so great, i love the constance!
  13. Annayu - I like your style. Your black beauty is an absolute classic. You sure are making quite an impression with your pics.

    I love constances. I know you ladies have seen mine a gazillions times, but I just love to show off my favourite bag:love:. Tehehe....I am such a proud mommy. Constances are great during the day as well as at night.

    constance 1.JPG
  14. WoW ! I want the constance in all colors ... if i only I have a money tree:p
  15. I have loved the constance for a very long time. It is classic & stunning. Alot of the True long time Hermes fans have that bag in many is great:heart::heart::love::flowers: