Constance - Even rarer than B/K? Really?

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  1. I'm (was) actually not a big fan for Constance, but is now getting interested in this bag, and trying to look for it! however, it seems its even harder to score a Constance than to get a B/K!!:rain:

    I wonder if this just happens to me (or my SA/store) or this is the actual case happens to everyone?

    Been searching for posts in this forum and found some saying Hermes is actually discontinuing the Constance?! TRUE?? This is sad!!!:crybaby:

    Please some Hermes/Constance expert help here!! TIA!!

  2. Yes, it's true. Plus it will only get rarer because Constance was not available for order at Fall Podium and is supposedly being discontinued.
  3. There are a few current threads on this. Please do a search and contribute to an existing thread. Thanks.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.