Constance Elan or Constance 23 cm?


Constance Elan Or Constance 23 cm?

  1. Constance Elan Black GHW

  2. Constance 23 cm Vintage, Navy, Silver Guilloche HW

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  1. Another vote for 23cm.. :yes:
  2. i feel that elan is more elegant while 23 is more stylish.
    depends on what kind of look you want to go for. :biggrin:
  3. I have both and honestly there is very little difference for me in terms of overall "look" or "wearability". The color (neutral vs color) and leather (box or epsom vs croc) will determine how much you use it, in my view.

    I think between your 2 options, the Navy w/ silver g sounds a little more fresh and modern (vs the black which is more classic lovely.)
  4. I like élan more becuz I have one now and it is similar to Chanel m/l. But now I'm looking into the 23 now. Both are chic.
  5. I'd get a Constance Elan in a pop of color like Bougainvillea and for a Black, a classic 23 will be classic with a twist due to the guilloche hardware.
  6. Vintage + guilloche = LOVE
  7. Both are nice, but the 23 with guilloche hardware seems little more special to me. I don't have either, but have read that the elan has a longer strap, so it's easier to wear cross-body. This may be a deciding factor if you're planning to wear it that way
  8. the 23 when worn crossbody will hit you right above the hip, whereas the elan has a longer strap and will hang lower and look better imo. i love the 23 and have two, but do not have an elan bc i think it doesn't fit as much as my 23 in terms of space and what i want to put in there. good luck deciding!
  9. This is really tough! Both are classics and totally different looks. But maybe the 23cm wins a tiny bit. You really can't go wrong with either. Can you have both?
  10. It's a tough dec. Although i just acquired a 23 C, i do love the Elan too. But if you hv budget constraint, i would rather get a 23. It's more classic and stands through time. Elan is more casual ans chic. It's a matter of your preference.
  11. I think that black would be more versatile though than navy!
  12. Thanks everyone! I just won the auction for the Constance 23 Guilloche HW!!! :yahoo::dothewave: Will post a reveal when i get it!
  13. Congrats!!! I will wait for the reveal :biggrin:
  14. Congrats! I was drooling over the Constance 23 and wondering who the lucky one was. Will you also be posting pics of it in action?
  15. Here she is! Thanks for all the input ....:party: