Constance Elan in the USA?

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  1. I am trying to find a constance Elan in the United States, how hard is it?

    Because if it is very hard, I might pay a premium to buy it here in Asia.

    Thanks ladies!
  2. Hard I think
    I tried Houston nyc n sfo few months ago no luck
    But manage to buy 3 from europe
    With the help of my mum n sister
  3. Very hard to come by. I am very blessed to have found an excellent Hermes store. They have gotten me everything I've ever requested. It took about 3 years before they were able to get me an Elan in a color I wanted.
  4. Where in Europe? Can't seem to chance upon any!!!
  5. London paris Amsterdam
  6. Dear: did you get those bags recently? Do you have to make other purchases before asking? I just came back from Europe this January, went to Paris, London, Prague, Vienna, and didn't see any constance or constance elan. sigh.... TIA
  7. Thank you ladies! I am a little sad. I have no opportunity to go to Europe , but I might ask friends. Thanks!
  8. Yes in dec
    No other purchases except Amsterdam
    Yes all hidden in back
  9. Does anyone know the current price of the 18cm or Élan in EU?
  10. Dear: thank you so much for your response. Did you ask right away? or do you have to circle around like asking for birkin and kelly? Would you say Dec is the best time to go if you want to score rare bag like constance birkin kelly? sorry for asking you so much, but thanks again for your response.
  11. We bought some stuffs intro by sa
    Then we asked n offered
    Not sure if dec is better
    We fly as when got time to shop
    H itch lol
    We did not ask for b k coz we were in cdg to do our special order b k
  12. Our SA show us a orange with gold hard wear Élan yesterday. We did not go for it because the color. We got the Kelly 8F instead. So I don't see how hard to got one. For the first bag, it always hard. By the way we are at NYC.

  13. did you have to make other purchase before you were offered? thank you
  14. We got a red élan as our first Hermes bag. No other purchase. Neither this one.
  15. are so lucky!! I heard that at least 10K is needed before they offer you these precious bag. Did you walk in, and just asked them about constance or kelly? or do you have to beat around the bush? I am so sorry for asking you so many questions, I just got so frustrated after my unsuccessful attempt at Tokyo and Paris.