Constance clasp problem!

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  1. Hi everyone! I just got my first hermes bag! C18 bleu indigo, swift leather, rose gold hardware. It’s absolutely beautiful but the clasp can’t stay closed. Everytime I sit down or bend over it opens up and it makes me really nervous that all my belongings might drop out.

    I just wanted to know if anyone is having this problem or is my bag defected...any help would be much appreciated!
  2. My clasp stays closed, and is even hard to open. I would take it back to the store and have it checked. A craftsman might just align it or something, or the clasp might need to be replaced.
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  3. Thanks! I thought it might have been a bad clasp too.
    Thank you for you comment! I thought that something was wrong with the clasp but I wasn’t sure since it’s my first hermes bag. I hope that my store won’t charge me if they need to replace the clasp...
  4. Mine C18 clasps are the same as @odette57. I can barely get them open without breaking a nail.
  5. None of my Cs has has this problem
  6. I have not experienced this problem with my Constance 18. Mine is Epsom leather.
  7. might have problem with the clasp hinge, shouldn't open by itself. Best to bring it in store.
  8. Thank you for all your replies! I will bring it to the store this weekend.
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  9. Yes wise decision since it's still new
    Best to resolve it asap
  10. We are all assuming that you have just bought it new from Hermes.
    There is absolutely no question that you should take it back.
    If it is defective, it will be sorted.
  11. This is extremely unusual, I have never encountered this with my Cs. The spring on either side locking the clasp seems to not be functioning properly. As most owners know, the Constance buckle is normally way too tight especially when new. Vintage ones are smoother but still should not unlock spontaneously. I hope they can either replace the buckle or worse case, the bag.
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  12. Take it to a store and they will try and adjust it for you.
  13. Oh please do tell us how, this is a much better option than changing the clasp or bag. The spring tension may be adjusted?
  14. Please bring it back to the store for inspection.. I also never have this problem with all my C... Let us know how they solve this..