Constance Cartable

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  1. TT, what colors could you choose from? I've seen pics of the red and blue. . . are there others?
  2. Hi TT, May I ask which blue does it come in? I believe the red is rouge H? Thanks in Advance. :smile:
  3. Yes I saw an additional 3 other CWs but sorry I can't remember what they were. I do know that several were offered in an Eclat~that is a different color interior. I want to say one was Gold smooth leather (box?) with a rust red interior (not rouge H but the other) So I think there red with red buckle, black with black, the matte blue with matte buckle and then Gold with rusty red interior and 2 something else (sorry)
    These are really sturdy bags. They are lined with a smooth leather but I don't think it was chevre. There are the gussets, of course, that with the full flap-over and large buckle all combine to make these bags so heavy.
    But with the rounded edges and leather thickness I think these will wear well and would make superior work bags as well as travel bags. When the strap isn't doubled it will fit under the arm and I think it felt good. It felt firm (read: good for travel) It is a tight fit though.
    Although it is not "evening"; with the doubled strap and as hand held it could take you to night, not formal but still business evening, if that makes sense. It feels like a bag for someone "one the go"
    Very Hermes in style.
    Ladylike but sturdy and no nonsense enough for business. I ordered the matte blue, which is almost black. No sheen to it. The buckle is almost stealth. This is a bag that will last forever IMO. An investment.

    Loving these action/magaizne pictures. I think they really do give a representation of the bag.
  4. Here it is decontructed
    This looks like rouge H

    For this shoot, we visited the artisans at the Hermès workshop outside Lyon to glimpse the making of the Constance Cartable, a reissued larger model that resembles a briefcase with a short strap and a stunning inlaid leather logo clasp and is meant to be carried by hand. “The format already existed, but we have given it a certain modernity by changing the length of the strap,” says Couli Jobert, Artistic Director of Leather. “It is now shorter, allowing the wearer to carry it as a satchel, a vanity case, or even as a shoulder bag.” Available in a range of colors, it is the latest chapter in the Constance story and yet another testament to the genius of Hermès.
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  6. Thank you for the info, TT, and I agree that the Cartable is a beauty. Can't wait to see yours!
  7. It looks bigger than I thought. Will be good to see some action shots on a smaller person. Agree with the comments it does look heavy.
  8. Thanks TT!
  9. Interesting! Excited to see "real life" pics! It's beautiful but to me looks like it would be a great office/work bag more so than anything else. Just MHO though!
  10. I think it might swallow us whole, Jadeite :sad:
  11. That's it, Milli! If, like me, you are not 180 cm tall, I think this one will wear you, and I even don't talk about the weight when you put your things inside...
  12. know many tiny beautiful petite woman on this Forum wear 35 Birkins and this Cartable does not have the overall mass that a Birkin 35 does. Agree for sure it is more of a day bag which is what it was designed for.
    It is priced like a Birkin so that is something to keep in mind as well.
    I think it is pretty FAB, but honestly it fits my lifestyle. WORK. Business. Travel. Need something sturdy, etc. I like hand helds.
    But it is different than a regular Constance. Love that Hermes is always reaching out but within its style context.
    We can all loook forward to our lucky first member that gets their hands on one and they hopefully will share action shots...
    Until then... we wait.
  13. i absolutely LOVE this bag and am anxious to see the other CWs... not sure if i will be lucky enough to be offered one, but one can hope :girlsigh:
  14. I love the Cartable,too.
    As far as I know no H boutique has gotten them
    I keep hoping one of our members who live in Asia (where it seem the newest things go to first) will post a picture of theirs
    I was lucky enough to be able to see and handle the samples
    We are hoping for December to get them in
    But with H- who knows!
  15. The H buckle looks very very big.
    I'm sure the models already have big hands (way bigger than most of us) and the buckle looks a lot bigger than theirs in the pictures.

    I'd be very interested to see a cartable on the stylish Hermes men here.