Constance black vs chanel red caviar??

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  1. Hi all

    Need your opinion to choose

    1. Constance mini
    Black epsom leather

    2. Chanel classic m/l
    Red caviar

    What do u think??
  2. constance black please
  3. +1

    No contest (but then this is the H forum :P)
  4. Constance for sure. It is better quality and is a timeless bag. Chanel bags are too mainstream today.
  5. Uhm.... r u kidding right now? hahahaha
    Constance, hands down.
  6. Another vote for the Constance…but since you're on the H forum I don't think you'll get lots of votes for the Chanel. My only concern would be the actual size of the mini….
  7. Constance for sure... H is in a league of their own
  8. Constance, no contest
  9. Chanel red caviar! It's stunning!
  10. Hmm the Constance mini is quite small in comparison to a Chanel m/l, but it's also a lot harder to find a Constance these days. So you need to determine what size makes sense for your purposes and whether or not you would be able to find a Constance again.

    The danger with Chanel is that you may never find the exact same shade of red again so if you love this one I would grab it or consider getting a mini version so you could get both bags? :biggrin:
  11. Constance wins hands down for me
  12. If the size of the Constance mini is right for you then get the Constance mini.
  13. depends what you want to use the bag for. the mini is small, so I don't think it'd work well for an everyday bag unless you carry very very little and have a tiny wallet that fits.

    the chanel is better for everyday wear. red is a great color that is surprisingly versatile, and the caviar leather makes it sturdier.
  14. Even though this is an H forum, I would choose the Chanel over a Constance mini
    The mini is so small. The Classic ml is a great day to evening bag.
    Even though its overexposed, the Classic is still fabulous and such a...classic!
  15. Practicality chanel n red is good
    However I will still go for constance if it suit your needs
    Its so hard to buy so rare in any size or leather lol
    So cute n fun bag