Constance belt buckle

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  1. Hey guys, I did a search but didn't see anything so if this has already been discussed, my apologies.

    Earlier in the year, I purchased a Constance (H) belt in black/gold with a palladium buckle and the SA said that Hermes would soon start selling the buckles separately. According to her, they finally realized it was silly to buy another belt to get a different tone buckle.

    So, my question is, does anyone know if they are now selling buckles separately? And do you know how much they cost?

    Thanks for any info!!
  2. Hi there Ozzysmom...Yep! They are selling them separate now...according to my SA.

    I just got a Constance belt (black box/brown togo) too and am putting in an order for a different belt (orange/camel togo).

    They rang my buckle and belt separately and I think the buckle was around $250 or so...but I can't remember off the top of my head.

    Check back with the H where you got your belt and see what they say.
  3. Thanks so much PCG!!
  4. Yes, they sell the buckle seperately and the range is $180-$220 depending on the finish you get
  5. I purchased a belt with a silver buckle today and wanted a gold buckle as well and the SA said they don't sell them seperately. I said that I heard that they were sold seperately in the US (I live in Germany), but she said that she never heard of any plans to start selling only the buckles. Ireally don't want to buy another belt just to get the buckle...
    Does anyone from Europe know anything about buckles being sold seperately???
  6. same thing happened to me. i just wanted the gold buckle but they said they only sell the straps separately but not buckles on their own. i ended up having to buy both buckle and belt strap.
  7. i've seen the buckles separately in the uk, at least in selfridges (london).
  8. i saw them again today, they were £90 or £95.
  9. Thanks Annanas!