constance bag

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  1. Ok, stupid question probably, but I don't want to bother my SA,

    does anyone know if they still make the Constance, and what the prices are approx (US$) for a non-exotic.

    I know, I should not buy but I'm thinking I do need a dinner bag, oh well, cheaper than a birkin
  2. Yes, they do. I have seen it in Boxcalf at the store. Pretty pricey though, almost the price of a Kelly.
  3. ^^ That was for the size 18 cm. Which size are you thinking of?
  4. Oh Constance in retail are not cheaper than a birkin, pretty much on par with a birkin, if you want the 23cm. They used to make a slightly larger size, 25cm, but has been discontinued and is pretty rare on the secondary market.

    Constance run about 1k - 2k in the secondary market, though one was just sold for less than 800 bucks just now (box w/ ghw). Luxury portal (not affiliated with them) has a mini (18cm), mint condition for sale, which I thought was a pretty good deal, in case you are interested:

    HTH, MrsM! :hugs:
  5. Yes they do :smile: though they are very pricey...but very very lovely :smile: you may want to look for a gently pre loved one... I love the bag... it is easy to slip into your birkin or Kelly when you travel and you have a wonderful evening bag.
  6. Wow, I'm not willing to pay the price of a Birkin for the Constance, reason being I can't justify the usage. Really, it's for as H & H says travelling dinner bag. Something bigger than the usual so that I can fit passport, blackberry, and berin wallet in and let's say tissues etc. That would proably do it. I don't like hotel room safes. Heard to many stores from the inroom safe and to lazy to use the "hotel" one most times.

    Ok, I have no clue how to look for a pre-loved one etc. I've only bought one scarf on ebay that Seton was kind enough to authenticate for me. Actually that was my one and only dealing with e-bay.
  7. Hi xiaoxiao, thanks ladies, I went to the websites, some good prices, but no black. I want a neutral, not suede, maybe a 23 the one for $800 is gone.

    Now that is a price I could live with
  8. Ok, I give up, I was calling my SA, well what the heck, and he said, well for $400 difference you can get a 25cm Birkin? Ok, I give up, I'm not buying anything now.

    He is right, I love the Birkin style, I told him what I want to put in it, he said, so get the 25cm Birkin. Ok, over and out,
  9. Dear Ms. Piggy,
    Apologies if Im asking a silly question: does Constance comes in a less "scratchable" leather such as Togo? :confused1::heart:
  10. muistrawberry, I could be totally wrong but I've only ever seen the Constance in chamonix and exotic leathers as well as suede. Don't think it comes in those slouchier ones as the constance is a very structured bag and for that reason alone, they use the harder leathers that is able to hold the shape. Am I right xiaoxiao or am I totally off?
  11. Hi Maddox, you are right! I have seen, 1) Croc 2) lizzard 3) toile/ leather combo, like the one EH just bought!!! 4) box (very popular) 5) Charmonix 6) VL (um... HELLO did you see the one JP HAS????) 7) CRINOLINE: All of which are structured leather.

    The reason why Constance is so expensive, MrsM, is that it does require A LOT of craftmanship into the bag... One of the more difficult bags to make! Too bad it doesn't retain values as well as Birkins do, hence the cheaper secondary mkt prices. For what is worth, MrsM, here is the link to the Constance that was sold for less than 800: Rare find, in terms of the price, but a vintage box constance does come very often... And oh, there is a black lizzard w/ ghw that goes around $1.5k, starting bid. Pretty good value as well... HTH!!! :heart:

  12. J, did you see the dark blue w/ phw I sent you earlier? It's a mini, and mint condition, IMHO would be perfect for you. I am looking for a good 23cm as well, but thought that was a good neutral. :tup:

    mod: Not affiliated with luxury portal. :flowers:
  13. xiaoxiao, I have NOT seen JP's constance, ooooh constance in VL sounds divine and yummy already. How do I do a search on it? Sorry, I am such a TPF virgin!