Constance bag sizing

  1. You see, I am being sucked into the Hermes handbag vortex by shopmom and her accomplices (as seen on last weeks incredible list of shopping!) and, having foresworn the Hermes handbag as too indulgent for a gun-toting, tractor-driving, horse-kissing slug such as myself I am starting to look at the darn bags with considerable lust.

    As always, marching out of step, my first choice would be the Constance depending on sizing. (That is the bag with the "H" buckle?). I have only seen quite small ones, and wondered if any of you gals with encyclopaedic knowledge of dimensions, leathers etc could give me some advice? It will be much appreciated (and you would be guiding me away from the Kellys and Birkins....):nuts:
  2. lolo, I'm pretty sure there is a Constance bigger than the small ones you usually see. One that would fit a little more than just the essentials. I'm sure someone will have the dimensions... :flowers:
  3. Crochetbella and dianagrace thank you - that was a very informative thread and I can see there must be a size to suit me. Now the thing is to find the leather that can cope with me (although I promise I will treat it gently)
    I have to say I saw a Bollide in green croc somewhere (one of the recomended sellers, of course) and I think it was something like $144K and that green croc looked so delicious I would have had it in a flash if I had the werewithal. Stunning. I have to admit I have a soft spot for croc.... only when made into handbags, shoes etc. That's one creature I must admit I am not sorry to see sacrificed.
  4. LOLO!!!!!! STOP THE PRESSES!!!!! SHOPMOM'S BEEN AT IT AGAIN! I FOUND YOUR LUONGE (?) CROP! YES! Right here in San Francisco. An orange and cream color riding crop EXACTLY the one you were lusting for in the other thread! A big, whopping $380.00! I can ship it to you! Fed Ex! UPS! USPS! WHATEVER! Let's go, girl!

    I mean how difficult is it to ship to South Africa!?!?!?!?!?!
  5. D you are the best finder/enabler bar none! :flowers:
  6. SHOPMOM!!!!!!!!!! AAAAAAARGGGGGGH. Lolo fell of fher chair. Holy Sh*t. Excuse me, I am MAD with excitement. OMG D you are a GENIUS DELUXE. You have no idea how I have been mooching about dreaming of it. I have even got the Carriages scarf in orange colourway READY for it. Steamed and all. Would you really do all that for me? I think we will have to email each other and I can trf costs etc.
    There are tears trailing down my cheeks as we speak and I swear if I were any less vain I would post a pic to show you my happy crying face...XXXXX I have to get tea and try to calm down immediately...
  7. Oh shopmom, please describe it more.... long or short? It matters not, it must be had forthwith. I owe you bigtime but if you include South Africa in your safari (and don't just go to boring old kenya) I promise I will give you THE safari experience of your life and yes, you will be caressing the cheetahs and cuddling Maxine the baby rhino and and and.... and I will drop my plans to mug you for your vintage bags too.
    OMG Do you think they can put my initials on it (sorry, I have a helluva cheek!)
    Anyway from a practical perspective, it could be sent to my UK address if that's easier (it may be, people get all funny about sending stuff to South Africa!). Oh do email me, please, when you can (no pressure!)
    at (my name) and I will transfer funds on instruction.

    OMG shopmom, you are so bloody marvellous! It's going on 1 a.m. here and I woke my husband to tell him. He mumbled something like "thank god it's not one of their handbags" (No slouch, that boy!
    OMG still crying, you must all think I am quite mad.
  8. crack me up.....ok I just put a call in to my SA at Hermes and I'm waiting for him to call me back so I can get the specs. The dang thing was pretty long and skinny with a rope-y thing attached to it (see how much of a horse person I am????). He's with some other customer (how dare he....) but hopefully he'll get back to me before they close at 5PM!!!!

    heeheehee this is FUN!
  9. Shopmom! That's the one! You should hear it if you "crack" it (sort out the most recalcitrant husband I tell you - not that you would need it!)
    I am so touched that you would take so much trouble to find out etc. I was snivelling with joy, so I have taken a sleeping tab because i have to get up early for the schoolrun/horsecare routine in 4 hours. Don't usually need a sleeping tab but I would not otherwise sleep, with that diving whip spinning around in my head all night. (Also, didn't go to bed at all for last night as my 9yr old threw a 40.5degree C temp last night, with tonsilitis, and I was up monitoring her like the neurotic mum I am)
    Again a kazillion thanks from the Lolo!
  10. Lolo, you are too much. I'm picturing you whipping some zebras with you new crop:P Lolo, stylin' on the veldt in her scarf and crop:yahoo:

    I have a Constance in the medium size. It still isn't that big. It's a dressy bag in my book. Your gun won't fit unless you have a derringer:graucho:
  11. re : constance, i've only seen two sizes of it, big and small - exact dimension unknown (am sorry not much help there) but it's available in most leather incl. box, chevre, croc, lizard, ostrich. i want one someday in the samll size preferably in exotic skin for an evening bag with gold hardware. sooo pretty!
  12. thrilled to pieces for you over your new whip, and seriously enjoyed reading this thread - total fun.

    as for a constance, i think it is super practical (can be worn as a sort of high messenger or double up the strap for under the arm), it is my ideal shoulder bag and would look very very cool used casually, even smashed to pieces, with that gleaming H.
  13. There's a beautiful red Constance on eBay right now for EUR 1500, coming from Luxemburg. If you're interested I'll pull up the listing. I also saw a beige one, forgot the price though.