Constance bag question

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  1. Hello Hermes lovers,
    i am very new to the Hermes forum; i am yet to own anything Hermes. i have been a very dedicated Chanel and LV lover, but recently the Constance bag has caught my attention. i know nothing about it yet and wanted to know if it is a bag that is fairly easily available in boutiques, or need to be offered like the Kelly/Birkin? Any tips on how to get one and how to learn more? Thanks so much!
  2. Offered and hard to get
  3. It can be offered to you if you are really lucky. But it also very hard to get, usually you have to build a relationship with a SA and buy other things in order to be offered one.
  4. Never easy.
    Either luck or $$$profile
  5. Although it’s not a quota bag at most boutiques but it’s just like B and K you need to build up profile in order to get offer one. I suggest you read thru the following threads... that’s where I started :idea: Good luck
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  6. Not easy to get, have to be offered.
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