Constance arrived with puncture on inside flap? Is it bad?

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  1. From the boutique of course, new. Arrived today with a couple of mild little scratches and this odd puncture in the inside flap. I don't think it can be replaced, it's pretty unique. I am also not keen on getting something brand new, and having to immediately send off for repair.

    I am a little new to H, does this stuff happen? I know it does with Chanel (haha) but not sure what others' experiences are with things like this. Would you send it back? Keep it and just deal?

    It's 24 rouge de coeur epsom/ mauve sylvestre enamel hw by the way...pic attached of the front of the bag is from my SA (it's already wrapped back up)..

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  2. Personally, it won't be acceptable to me no matter how much I like the specs. I would return it and ask for replacement if possible.
  3. I would contact your SA immediately, with pictures, and see what they suggest. If they had noticed this before sending it to you, they would have likely considered it “unsaleable” and refused to allow anyone to purchase it, even if a customer insisted. Surprisingly, I’ve read stories here where H has actually been able to replace a bag with an exact duplicate within a couple of weeks when something like this has happened, but I’d be doubtful of that happening. Good luck! (And its an amazing and special bag; so sorry that this has happened!)
  4. I do not have a Constance but I would send it back. I would not pay that kind of money for a damaged bag.
  5. I would not just keep it and deal. Return the bag, it is too expensive to accept with damage of any kind. New bags from H should have zero defects. Wishing you a happy resolution!
  6. I asked for a replacement & it's such a limited thing (I think b/c of the enamel) that replacement just isn't out there....ugh...I mean I am sure I can find more H stuff to buy but I was really excited about this one!
  7. I did contact him immediately and he was pretty mortified. His first suggestion was sending off for repair, which, to me, is insane. Like buying a car, and before you can even drive it off the lot, they say, it needs to go into the shop for a month! It's such an odd thing to happen, scratches I get but this? Like an earring back size?
  8. All true. It's just messing with my head a little, the hassle.....
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  9. So if no replacement - 3 options - keep, return, exchange for something different?
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  10. Honestly, a month is pretty good for the spa. If it could be guaranteed to be back that quickly, and if I looooooved the bag, I would probably begrudgingly accept. Otherwise, if I only liked this bag combo, I would insist on a return and hope to be offered again quickly due to the ill will from this transaction. Though if you end up waiting a month for a new bag anyway...
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  11. Oh I don't think it's a month, I think it would be MUCH MUCH longer it was just a random example....I am sure it would be 3...
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  12. Oh ok! I totally misread that. I thought you meant your SA said it would be a month. Bah.
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  13. If your options are to keep the bag and repair or get store credit....wouldn’t 3 months to repair be better than no bag at all?
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  14. Return!
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  15. I’m pretty sure in a case like this, OP can insist on a refund rather than store credit as it’s a product defect not a change of heart.