Constance and tall girls

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  1. Hello! I’m 5’9 and I’m looking to purchase a Constance 18 for crossbody option, but I’m wondering if it’s too short for me to wear crossbody? Any thoughts? Any fellow tall TPFers who could post some MOD shots with their C18 if they’re around my height?
  2. Did you look at the constance thread in the Clubhouse?
  3. I did.
  4. I’m 5’ 8”. I wear my C18s cross body. I am average build. No missing shots as I am traveling. Make sure to try it yourself because height/build/clothing/comfort all come into play.
    I’m traveling and don’t have any modeling shots.
  5. I am 5’7” slender build and I can wear it crossbody. It might be too short for 5’9”, but if you are near boutiques that have onsite craftsman, you can order longer strap $ from the after sales and have it replaced with additional fees (?).
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