Constance 24 IN Rose Azalea PHW Evercolor vs Craie Epsom rose gold hardware




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  1. I would like to add a constance 24 to my birkins and kellys collection. My lovely SA offered to me this two bags. They are both stunning and I don't know how to do. The rose azalea is very fresh and young the craie is a classic but with rose gold is very special and may be easier to wear all year round. What's your opinion?
  2. As much as i love my c24 RA, i'd pick craie with rosegold!
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  3. Craie w rghw because it's more of a neutral that can be dressed up or down depending on occasion. The rose azalea always feels like a spring summer colour only.
    But hey, chose the bag you're more excited by when you look at them both. If you love the bag you'll find a way to match it into your wardrobe :P
  4. I would go with Craie! Very easy to coordinate with different outfits. Good luck deciding!
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  5. Another vote for Craie with RGHW. Both lovely choices though, so tough one! :smile:
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  6. Vote for Craie w/rghw it's a beautiful combo and so neutral!
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  7. Definitely craie for me :smile:
  8. Oooh no
    I want both i need both
    Both are so different
    Oooh no
    I am not giving you gd help
  9. I have the same feeling... ahah.. I really love both colors but I don't want to buy two constance. I would like to have one in my handbag collection but I'm not sure I will use it a lot considered that I am used to larger bags.
    I'm always attracted by bright colors but at the end I use them for a season...
  10. Craie with RG, such a classy and feminine color. Never be tired of it IMO.
  11. Both are beautiful colours....
    I have C in RA And K in Craie
    you need both colours...sorry no help :love:
    BTW you are very lucky to be offered 2 at the same time!!! Good luck deciding!!
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  12. What are the colours of your other bags in your collection?
  13. Voting for Craie with RG, sure a special combo and it will go with everything
  14. Birkin 30-35: white, gold, black, blue lin, blue mykonos, blue nuit,, blue iris gris tourterelle, rouge h, rouge casaque, etoupe, etain, ebene, lime, trench, vert fonce, tomate, olive green
    kelly, 35-32: black, parchemin, craie in 32ghw , etain, rouge h, blue sapphire, blue electrique, kiwi, capucine, orange, blue nuit, gris mouette k 28, sakura pink in 25 ghw, sable, tabac,, bougainvillier, argille
    As already mentioned I always fall in love with all new bright colors, but in the end after a season they hardly come out of my closet. That's why I am afraid to make the same mistake with the azalea even if I think is one of the most beautiful Hermes pink. I am also attracted to the pink gold hardware of the craie Constance. It's really a dilemma. I know I would not be wrong with either of them, but I have to decide...
    Thanks for your help
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  15. OMG Marty, such a stunning collection :hbeat:
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