Constance 18 or 23??? HELP!!

  1. Hi, as some of you know, I've been pretty obsessed with the H Constance lately :nuts:! I'd like to ask for your opinions please... What do you think is the best size for me? I'm 5 foot 7, and if I do get a Constance, I'd like to use it as more of an evening bag.

    For owners of Constance, could you pls tell me your personal experiences with your bags? Is the size 18 indeed very small that you can hardly fit anything into it?

    Thanks for your help, tpf-ers!!
  2. With your height, I think it'd be better to go for a bigger Constance. JMHO.
  3. I LOVE the Constance!!

    I tried on all three, and LOVE all three sizes.....however for me it was color that did it.

    I tried on a fushia chevre in the 18.....DH loved the bag on me, but it was something that I couldn't see myself wearing when I was 50 yrs old.

    I tried on a 23 chocolate Box/Lilach, and bought this.

    I tried on a Large Black Box with ruthium hardware, and could wear across my chest, but DH and SA thought all you could see was the big H, but I loved this bag.

    I think if you were looking for an evening bag, that the 18 would be great, but the 23 would be versatile in my opinion from day to evening. Also, my Constances strap could be doubled up to wear under my arm (which I love to do) vs. on my hip. I have LOTS of junk in my bag and find that I could fit STUFF in it.

    Good Luck....can't wait to see what you get. Ooops...forgot to say, I'm only 5'4"
  4. i have a vintie one which i think is the 23". it's a great size and i'm 5'6" and not a thin girl.
  5. I love the Constance. It all depends on what size do you need in a bag; certainly as an evening bag, the smaller one.
  6. I love both these sizes ( I like the Constance small) and I LOVE the 18, but when I buy one (I'm 5'6") it will be the 23cm, because I think the balance with the hardware looks a lot nicer on the 23cm. Just my opinion.
  7. I'm always a "big bag pusher". IMO it's better to have a bag that's maybe a bit too big but more multipurpose than a bag that's too small for most uses.
  8. 23 is not a big bag ... I vote 23
  9. :lol::lol:
  10. did she fit?

    LMAO...just kidding, I LOVE your choc Constance with lilac lining - it was a SCORE!
  11. Thanks everyone for your input!! I'm also thinking of getting the 23... but since I'm looking for a vintage one in exotic leather, it hasn't been easy. Most of the ones I've encountered has been in size 18.

    Anybody who would be willing to post an action pic with their constance (please indicate which size Constance as well as your approx. height with your pic pls) would be really helpful.

    Thank you, thank you, thank you!!
  12. I have a 23 Constance and I can barely get the bare minimum into it, so I vote for the 23. If you are in doubt, take your bare essentials that you need to carry around and put them into an 18 Constance in the store and see what works for you.
  13. I love the 18 for a cocktail party because it is so tiny and it hangs on your arm without interfering with drink, plate of food. Granted it holds very little, but all I want is a comb, lipstick, tissue.
    The 18 is not very useful for much else, IMO.
  14. Just remember that vintage Constances have less compartments
  15. Seems like most of the votes goes to the size 23! I do love that size too, and prefer it to the size 18... However, to be honest with you, after searching and searching for a good-condition vintage Constance (at least the ones that I've found so far) i've found one that (I think and hope!) is in excellent condition and appropriate for the asking price. Unfortunately, it's a size 18!

    What should I do, ladies?? Anyone here prefer size 18 than the 23? Who knows you might persuade me to get a size 18... Let me know why you'd prefer the smaller size!

    Thanks so much for your help everybody!!