Conspiration GM? MM?

  1. I'm heading to Montreal this coming weekend to make my first LV purchase of 2007 and I was wondering which size of sunglasses I should get. Do you ladies (and gentlemen!) think the Conspiration GM or the MM would be better suited for a rounder face. I'm a guy also if that helps :smile:

    I'll try them both on but I was curious to hear what you would suggest.

    I'm also wondering if there are any cool accessories that I should pick up while I'm there. Nothing too expensive but perhaps a ring or a bracelet?

    Thanks a bunch!
  2. Maybe the MM? I have a more oval face and the GM's fit perfectly on me. I want to get those eventually.
    As for jewelry, I'm not much help because I don't know much about the men's lines.
  3. Thanks :smile: I do think the MM would be better for me too. I'll have to try on both of them I guess. Any other opinions?
  4. I agree, the MM should work better with a round face. Since you are going to be in LV though you get to try them on! Be sure to post pics and have a wonderful time in Montreal, I love that city!
  5. Gm!
  6. i prefer the mm. the gm is a little too square/rectangular. the mm has more of a classic aviator shape.
  7. oh man I won't be able to go to the store anytime soon now so I'll have to take a chance and order one pair. I cannot decide between the GM and MM :tdown:

    Does anyone have them and could post pictures of them? I'd love to have a closer look.
  8. I have the gm ...but then I have a big head ...and need the eye
  9. haha I have a big head too so that's why I was leaning towards the GM. Can you post some pics of yours?

    Oh another question, silver or gold? I'm loving the silver ones but the gold ones are soo hot too. It's so hard to decide! lol
  10. I will try to get some today ...actually I dont have silver or gold I have the azur ones....

    but I did buy my friend a pair of the silver ones for his Bday and he loves them, I almost bought a pair for myself but when they brought the azur ones out I fell in Lvoe. They had just gotten them they werent even out on the floor yet.
  11. My SA just called me and it looks like the Conspiration MM sunnies in silver are sold out across Canada :sad: The GM were too big for my face but my SA said she'll do her best to order some from the US. She's amazing :smile:
  12. I have the MM in gold.
    Would you like to see a picture or do you already know what they look like?
  13. oooh yeah I would LOVE to see pictures of the MM! thanks :smile: