Conspiracy Theory - Suspicious Ebay Action or is it just me?

  1. Ok - I'm probably way off, but here's my little consipracy theory for the day. I was looking at a Black Paddy on eBay and posted it on PF for authentication.....a day or so later it suddenly disappeared off eBay, the auction had ended - I'm sure it was due to go a few more days as I was bidding on it and was watching it. :confused1:, I get a search update from eBay and there is a new Black paddy a DIFFERENT seller, but it looks AWFULLY similar to the first one, even the pictures look the same. :wtf:

    So, either it's just a coincidence - or, the seller got nervous by the authentication post/or my questions about money back if fake and more photos of serial tag and plate, pulled it off, waited a few days then relisted under a different account. :tdown:

    Here are the two auctions - be interested to hear your thoughts.

    First auction -

    Secound auction -

    Another thought came to me - maybe the second seller stole the first seller's pics?? Hmmm.... Something still feels odd to me... :push:

    One thing's for sure - it's NAP for me.....too much uncertainty around eBay for me!
  2. I'm in a similar situation to you, with no retail Chloe access (I'm across the Tasman Sea, in Tasmania). I recently bought my first Paddy from NAP, I think there's too many doubts with Ebay. :nuts:

    Maybe wait for the NAP sale?
  3. Wow, not even Aus has easy access to Chloe's? I don't feel *quite* as bad about NZ now. Yup, counting down to the NAP sale - if only I knew for sure when it was?!?!
  4. Maybe the auction was pulled because someone reported it as fake and then they used another acct to relist it :shrugs:
  5. Not sure why the seller of the first would pull their own auction, coz that bag did look pretty good.

    Looks to me like the seller of the second bag stole the pics off the first seller coz the pics aren't anywhere as good quality!
  6. The seller of the first remove their own auction. Ebay didn't do it.

    If the seller did use another account to relist, wouldn't they use the same quality pics? The pics in the second auction are all fuzzy. Very poor quality, like it's been copied.
  7. We do have Chloe stockists here. :yes: In Melbourne and Sydney anyway. A few stores sell them. Nelstar is in Tasmania, so I don't think they have a lot of options there. :sad:

    Nelstar, you're really not missing out on much. Paddies retail for $2500+ here, so you're better off buying them online anyway!
  8. I'm glad you think it looked pretty good leanbeanee, because I was pretty convinced it was real too.

    Sounds like the second seller is the one to be a little wary of.
  9. Wow, if they're $2500+ in Aus, they'd probably be almost $3000 if they made it here.......good to know, I won't stress so much about NZ availability and focus on NAP. It's just that being able to see them IRL and get a feel for colours, size etc would be good!