Consolidate those student loans!

  1. Ugh, a terrible, not fun topic, but a gentle reminder to all of the current/former students with loans...

    Remember if you're eligible to consolidate your student loans by July 1st! Interest rates go up after that. I just spent about an hour consolidating mine online - no fun, but better than paying a higher interest rate later :sick:

    Consolidate through the government if you can, visit to check.

    All this financial responsibility has me in the mood to buy a new purse :graucho: !
  2. I don't have loans, but I'm sure a lot of girls will appreciate your reminder! Thanks, vanojr.
  3. I get about 10 of those phone calls a day. I finally consolidated my loans. Hopefully they'll stop calling me now.
  4. ^^^ooh, be careful about the lenders that call you over the phone, those are private companies and some of them are out to make a tidy profit. The government basically just wants its money back. I got calls from private student loan consolidation people even before I had student loans, they just mass call students I think...

    At least your loans are consolidated though!
  5. How much are the interest rates? I feel so so grateful to get the HOPE scholarship.
  6. oh NOOOOO. I'm sure it was a private company. I didn't know you can do it through the government. They called me and I agreed so they email me the application. I signed it electronically and ignore the paper application they sent me through the mail. I think it's all done now. Well, I guess the bright side is I consolidated.
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