Console Me Ladies!!!

  1. :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry:
    Is it true that Hermes has never produced baby pink or baby pink has been discontinued? HermesAddiction said Hermes had never produced baby pink birkin before.

    I badly want a baby pink birkin and I've seen before quite a number of Japanese ladies here carrying baby pink birkin with gold hardware when they shopped at Hermes in Ginza, which is the reason why I fall in love with a baby pink birkin since then.

    Moreover, I saw a picture of baby pink croc birkin at the Hermes Informative Catalogue posted by Khoipond.

    Which is true? Please console me ladies!!!

    :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry:
  2. OH my, i wish i could. sorry. don't be so down. sounds like it has a good chance of being real because carrying a fake hermes bag into hermes store takes real guts!!
  3. mhmm that is a tough one. i do know that baby rose croc is available and i do have in mind that once there was a pale pale pink available in togo clemence etc but unfortunately i do not know if it is still produced but i would like to know that too
  4. Well, I have actually seen one in baby pink or light pink. I don't know the name of the color, but I would not call it light rose. It was definitely a pale baby pink. I have also seen several pictures of bags in this color as well. My advice to you would be to send an email or call corporate. If that doesn't work then call a few stores to ask the person who specializes in the leathers to assist you. Actually, I would do both. I like to hear the final answer from several people.
  5. It seems to me I recall seeing a baby pink carried by T Hilfiger's daughter (I think!) least....and I assume it was a real one...I like the color too!
  6. Could it have been Poudre?
  7. oh on that mtv show "rich brats" or something like this ?? that was a fake bag :lol: ;)
  8. Ladies, I need to clarify one point that I didn't make clear on my posts about Nicky's baby pink Birkin. When I said earlier that Hermes hasn't made any Birkin in baby pink yet, I meant in regular leather only. Pale pink or baby pink IS available in Crocodile but it is quite rare. Sorry this didn't cross my mind before because I was only thinking in terms of regular leather since Nicky's one and MB's one were in regular/non exotic leather. Sorry for the confusion and hope this clarifies :shame:

    BTW, lilac in Box Calf (which is rare also) is quite a light color and it can appear pinkish under some lighting.....
  9. Thank you everyone for all of your advice. I was nearly shocked to hear that baby pink is not produced at all. I don't know what the color is really called as. Some said it's baby pink.

    What a huge relief. But I'm not too sure whether the color is produced only in croc but not in regular leathers.

    ANyway, as long as I'm able to get my hands on it in whatever leather, I'll be very excited.
  10. It's gorgeous!!
  11. i am wondering as the pictured bag looks like fuschia to me :hrmm: photographed in a bad lightning / angle
  12. I think I saw the one you are talking about. I remember seeing Ally carry that bag on the show Rich Girls. It was a gorgeous bag. I think it WAS real.
  13. Really? I thought it was real. Her aunt had one too in the most beautiful color. It didn't look like blue jean, but it may have been. I just figured that Ally Hilfiger could get Hermes to do a special order for her in whatever color she wanted.
  14. hermès does not cater to celebrities no matter how well known you are you have to wait for the bag and you can only choose the colours offered. (only hermés vip shoppers do get their bags faster)
    just for the record i once wanted a hermès dicontinued colour and even though my sa tried her best the answer from paris was a simple NO!