Consignors - What's the deal????

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  1. #1 Oct 14, 2010
    Last edited by a moderator: Oct 14, 2010
    So I was planning on selling (note the past tense) my XXX that I have never used and was stored in the dust bag...
    I asked Avelle (Former Beg, Borrow & Steal) for a quote and the came back with a joke offer of $240.
    $240 for a mint condition unused $1395 bag...SERIOUSLY!!!!!!
    I replied back to Customer Service told them I was not interested. I have other consigner offering much more, but the under pricing makes me want to keep the bag even more now. :biggrin:

    Overall my experience with Avelle has been horrible..Even on other issues like creating an account with them. The customer service folks are rude an very judgmental. Honestly, compared to Fashionphile & Yoogi's I give them a fail grade.

    Anyone else have this issue of underpricing by consignors?
    Ok...Agreed the picture could be better but it's off my camera phone (taken as I was running out the door) :biggrin:
  2. It makes sense that they're offering you so little. JC bags don't have a huge resale market. Also, they have to make sure there's room for markup for them to make money. I'v used many consignors (though never with BBS)and in general you're getting less than what you might fetch selling on your own, but they're also eliminating alot of risks and the trouble and taking pictures/writing up description/etc.

  3. But $240 ?????. Really :rolleyes:
    I looked at their 'privatesale' site. Not a single pre-owned bag is listed below $800 inlcuding JC's. By that estimate they make a massive margin on Consigned / Direct sold bags.
  4. Have you tried Ann's Fabulous Finds? I buy a lot of things from there, but never have consigned with them. As Sellers, they are super nice.
  5. I sell via Ann, love her.
  6. HGbags also does consignment and she is super to work with.
  7. #7 Oct 23, 2010
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    I recently consigned with AFF and was able to sell a few small items. It was definitely a convenience to have them photograph my items and write up descriptions, but I felt that a) the items were listed at too low of a price and b) their fees are a bit inflated.

    I just sent in descriptions and photos to Avelle/BBOS for two mint Fendi bags - my X and x Tote - and X Wallet, and am interested to see what they come back with.
  8. I just tried to sell to Avelle. A new Chanel bag straight from Neiman Marcus. Avelle gave me a quote after I sent in over 10 very detailed images and came back with a quote less than half of what I bought it for. The bag is Mango colored and just doesn't go with anything that I wear. I think I bought it because of the image I have of a mango. Once Avelle received the bag they emailed me and wanted receipts. They stated they could only buy bags with a receipt in the original packaging with tags. Even though it doesn't say that anywhere on their website. I asked them to send the bag right back. As of today, a week later, I have not received it back. I would suggest you sell to someone else just like others have posted above.