consignment with fashionphile

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  1. I feel the same way. I would trade some $ for someone else to handle the PAIN.
  2. Yes, I have sent many items to FP and yoogi and love them both.

    That offer sounds like a direct purchase offer. You get less $$ that way b/c you get the money immediately. Only do this if you are in a cash crunch and NEED the cash immediately. You will make more $$$ if you do consignment. You will have to wait longer to receive a check but you get more $$ that way.
  3. The place I have consigned with charge 25% to 30 % depending on the valus of the bag. I think is average for most of these takes the hassle out of your hands
  4. Just remember Fashionphile is probably going to get 20-30% more for your bag than anybody else! They have a huge following. So, as someone else said, if you can wait for your money, you would get a lot more.
  5. I have done both, and if you have a receipt, I came out better selling mine on ebay. I started the bid very very low, this really promotes bidding.
  6. thanks everyone! i think yoogi is better, they offered me $1500 for direct sale. But still i rather keep the bag, as i paid $4800 for it and i barely use it if i have to sell it for $1500, im just gonna keep it in my closet;)
  7. i sell my own bags on ebay - check completed listings to see if the same bag has been selling, and at what price. then u can choose whether or not to list. while it can be a pain in the u know what, i find that if u leave a good description, take detailed pictures to prove authenticity (make sure to watermark!) and answer questions, it's not that bad. i do agree, however, that fashionphile would prob make more $$ for ur bag since they have a great reputation and their bags tend to sell for more since it's supposed to be worry free.
  8. I agree, always do research on ebay before listing something so you don't waste time and money.
  9. I listed an item on craigslist and fashionphile sent me an application but I think 30% is way too much.
  10. I apologize if this is the wrong place for this, I did a search & was unable to find the answers I was looking for. I recently sent an item to FP (an LV, which is why I'm asking this question here). It was listed on their website for only a few days and is now gone, so I'm hoping that I can assume that it has sold. I was curious how long it generally takes for the big payout?! :graucho:

  11. their consignment agreement says they do payouts twice a month. maybe call them or send them an email to get a more exact date?

    hope that helps! :smile:
  12. They send checks on the 1st and the 15th :smile:
  13. Does FP consign bags from overseas?
  14. Yes they do. Contact them about it.
  15. 1st and 15th and they get about 30% of sale more if it goes on ebay