consignment with fashionphile

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  1. Hi all,
    I have some LVs that I want to sell on Ebay but I've never sold on Ebay before and I'm afraid Ebay will think they are fake (two are limited editions in great shape). Has anyone used a consignment service like Fashionphile's before? Any tips, or warnings? Specifically, I was wondering how happy people were with Fashionphile?

  2. Sorry I cant help
    I have never heard of it but am going to google it now
    I think if you put lots of photos on e bay proving its authentic you should be ok
  3. I've bought 2 items from Fashionphile and had her sell a LV agenda for me. Very professional. I can't recall what their % is, but I paid the listing fees also. She gets high prices for her listings because everyone knows they are authentic, so I probably did just as well using her as I would have on my own. I'd use them again, if I have another high end item to sell. She sells more than LV now.
  4. Good Choice! Boxermom is correct on everything she says...your item should draw top dollar using Fashionphile.
  5. thanks for the tip! i had never heard of fashionphile either. too bad she doesn't do fendi!
  6. Thanks for the encouragement. I have heard so many horror stories about buyers scamming newbie sellers, and then there's always Ebay and their often nonesensical harrassment of newbie sellers with limited ed. high-end purses. I was beginning to think it wouldn't be worth it until I remembered Fashionphile.
  7. ^^ I think you're right - it is hard to put a price on peace of mind. Good luck with this and let us know how things turn out.
  8. i want to sell my suhali fabuleux, so i send fashionphile an email about the bag, its pretty new like 90% new. and they offer me $1050 for my lv bag :faint:. Do they alway offer that low for a bag? If so i dont ever want to sell my bag there! where you guy sell your used lv? i dont like ebay b/c of the bad buyer! thanks all!
  9. I *think* fashionphile takes 30%, I can't remember which thread I read it from. Depending where you live, you could try your local consignment stores. I know that some in my city also list some of their more luxurious stocks/items online to get more exposure

    You have to check around as the fees can vary.
  10. You can list on Craigslist, that way you can get cash and you don't have to pay any listing fee.
  11. If I was to sell, I would sell it in eBay. Places like Fashionphile will always give you a low price because they need to make a profit.
  12. I emailed the owner a few days ago about selling one of my bags, she didn't make me an offer just sent me a contract to sign :s so I don't know if I should sell it to her or not

    There are some other sites you could try (malleries, yoogi's closet, ann's fabulous finds) I'm not sure how much they'd charge you but fashionphile charges 30%

    Good luck!
  13. Go click onto Louis Vuitton shopping then read the fashionphile = Fashion Rip Off that someone posted. It also talks about another consignment there, yogi's closet.
  14. I sold my petit bucket last week for almost $400 on ebay, when I contacted fashionphile and yoogiscloset, they both offered me less than $200 for it! And it was in great shape- I can see that they need to make a profit, but I find fashionphile's prices to be very high, so I know they would have made a fortune from it!
    (I was inquiring about direct sale, not consignment- I think you can get more if you consign!)
  15. I have sold a few things with them... NO PROBLEM AT ALL. I was VERY happy with them. If they sell your bag on consignment they take 30%. If they buy your bag out-right then they offer you less since they don't know if or when it will sell. Their money is on hold with it.

    I think they no longer charge ebay fees. So if you sell it on your own on ebay between ebay fees and paypal fees and shipping fees. How much do you really lose in the deal? To me I rather end up with a little less and let them deal with all the crappy pain in the a@@ buyers. To be honest since their prices are higher since people feel safe by buying from them since they know the bag they are buying is real, so if you consign with them by them charging more there is a good chance when all said and done it might not be that much difference.

    Worth it to me for a worry free transaction.