Consignment with Ann's Fabulous Finds

  1. Has anyone consigned with Ann's Fabulous Finds? Please share your experience if you have. I want to unload some unused Coach bags to fuel my new passion for LV.

  2. I have several times and have been very satisfied with the transactions. I have a few bags out with her right now.
  3. Me too- I am currently working with her on several Balenciaga Bags (I am the seller). She and her team have always been very prompt in responding to my emails.

    Best of luck selling your bags!!

  4. Does she take Coach? They're entry level designer bags so they might not be enough high end for her.
  5. i think there's a price limit (nothing below $100 resell) so it depends on what kind of coach bags you have. she does some coach bags up on her site. i haven't sold anything with her yet, but i'm planning to in early september! she's very friendly and answers emails promptly!
  6. I have consigned with Ann many times, and it has always been a very positive experience. Sometimes she does sell small bags, accesories, sunglasses, etc. for less than $100, FWIW.
  7. I've consigned both Cole Haan and Gerard Darel bags with Ann, so she does take some of the mid-range designer bags too.